8 Reasons why Tennessee is a bad place to live! (2024)


There are a number of reasons why Tennessee is a bad place to live according to some people. It has one of the highest poverty rates in the country – 14.6%, and it has one of the lowest life satisfaction ratings. Additionally, it has one of the highest rates of crime in some cities like Memphis & Nashville, and its economy is ranked at the middle on the list of U.S States.

Remarkably, the state’s infrastructure is aging and in need of repair, which makes it difficult to get around in some places. In fact, Tennessee is said to have low quality of infrastructure compared to other state in the country.

Some of these reasons make Tennessee not a great choice to live in for some people, and they are all contributors to its average ranking on measures such as safety, health, and education. Below are more detailed reasons on why Tennessee is a bad place to live!

Reasons why Tennessee is a bad place to live!

1. Aging Infrastructure

Tennessee is a bad place to live for many reasons. One reason is that the infrastructure is aging and not up to date. This means that the roads, bridges, and other public works are not in good condition and are in need of repair or replacement.

Reasons why Tennessee is a bad place to live

2. Average Education System

Tennessee is one of the states with average education system. According to U.S. News, only 28% – 36 % percent of Tennessee residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher, which is well below the national average. Additionally, the state has one of the lowest per-student spending rates in the country, and ranks 46th in teacher salaries.

This combination of low educational attainment and poor funding has resulted in Tennessee having one of the lowest graduation rates in the country.

3. Bleak Job Market

Tennessee job market is considered bleak. There are few opportunities for employment, and the ones that are available don’t pay very well. The cost of living is also rising, and there is little in the way of social services or support systems.

4. Horrendous Traffic

Tennessee is becoming a horrible place to live because of horrendous traffic. It seems like every time you turn on the news, there’s another accident on the interstate.

The roads are sometimes congested, and it’s nearly impossible to get anywhere on time. If you’re looking for a place where you can easily move very fast, Tennessee might not be the place for you!

5. Average Healthcare System

Average health care system is one of the many reasons why Tennessee is a bad place to live. The average healthcare system is ranked average compared to other states. In fact, Tennessee is ranked 23th in the nation for healthcare system quality.

This means that the residents of Tennessee have less access to high-quality care than those who live in other states. Additionally, health outcomes in Tennessee are also poor.

The state ranks 43rd for overall public health, which means that its residents are less likely to have good health outcomes than people living in other states.

6. Rising Crime Rate

Crime is one of many reasons why Tennessee is a bad place to live. The Tennessean reports that Memphis & Nashville crime rate has spiked in recent years, with the city now ranking as one of the most dangerous in America.

Property crimes, including burglaries and thefts, have increased by nearly 10 percent since 2016, according to crime data released. Violent crimes — including murders, rapes and robberies — are up by more than 12 percent over the same period.”

In addition to the high crime rate, there are also some natural disasters that can occur in Tennessee. These include floods, tornadoes, and wildfires. The state is also located in a region that is prone to hurricanes.

7. Rising Taxes

In Tennessee, the income tax rates range from 3 percent to 6 percent, and the sales tax is about 7 percent. This means that Tennesseans have to pay more for everyday items than residents in some other states.

Another reason is that the cost of living is rising compared to other states. The taxes are also rising, and this can be a burden for families and individuals

8. Non-diverse State

Tennessee is one of the least diverse states in the United States. According to a study by WalletHub, Tennessee ranks as the sixth most-non-diverse state in the country. This lack of diversity can be seen in all aspects of life in Tennessee, from the people who live there to the businesses that operate there.

One reason for this lack of diversity is that Tennessee is a very rural state. More than 80% of Tennesseans live in rural areas, compared to just 20% who live in urban areas. This means that there are fewer people from different backgrounds living close together, which leads to less diversity.

Another reason for Tennessee’s lack of diversity is its history. The state was founded by settlers who were looking for a place where they could practice their own religion and culture without interference from others.

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In conclusion, there are many reasons why Tennessee is not considered a great choice to live in. The state has some concerns on infrastructure, poverty rate, education attainment, healthcare etc. For these reasons, Tennessee is not be considered a great option to all.

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