50+ Hilarious dating me is like jokes

Introduction to “dating me is like jokes”

Welcome! Today we get into the world of dating and we look at “dating me is like jokes”

Our best bet at finding that special person now depends a lot on how witty we are, how well we can play with our words, say the right thing to capture the attention of potential mates. As of today, we look at “dating me is like jokes,” which we can use as we chat online on the many social media platforms where we can also share a meme or two and simply have a good laugh!

Some people find it hard to get a date, and they tend to resign. “Dating me is like jokes,” some say. One minute we are serious, the next my target date is laughing at me, they say. Either way, dating need not be tedious or scripted. It has been proven that even a person with the driest sense of humor can win over a potential date with a cheesy dating joke.

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“Dating me is like jokes” One-liner jokes

One-liner jokes make the best of dating jokes and pick-up lines. Here are some hilarious and corny ones.

Q. How do cats pick up their mates?

A. With most purr-fect lines!

Q. How does a light bulb light its crash up?

A. It shares some watts!!

I dread dating a girl whose ex was a clown.

Those are such big shoes to fill.

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Q. Why won’t girls kiss you on the 1st of January?

A. They don’t kiss on a first date!

Q. What is the difference between a raisin and a date?

A. You can’t take a girl on a raisin!

Q. What would a dating site in Prague be best titled?

A. Check-mate!

Q. what is the difference between a job search and dating?

A. None! Interviews want you to serenade them with compliments to show your interest in the job.

Other forms of jokes in “Dating me is like jokes” Category

  • Am taking a girl out tonight. Out of my house!
  • You must be a fisherman; you got me hooked on you!
  • Dating a girl who works in a zoo could be so ideal.


She would be a keeper!

  • Dolphins have the most successful dating life.
  • Why?
  • They always click with one another!

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“Dating me is like jokes” in short prose form

  1. After a date with a gorgeous girl, she opted to take a cab home. I requested that she call me when she got home. It’s been a week, and she is yet to call. She must be homeless.
  2. Dating a homeless girl works perfectly. After the date, you can drop her off anywhere!
  3. A fellow started a dating site for marionettes. Sadly it failed! No one wanted strings attached!
  4. I was a nervous wreck trying to come up with a way to ask a girl out, so I Googled how to. The most common result I got is, “wanna grab a byte with me?”
  5. I do not understand why some people have such a hard time getting dates online. I get them all the time as I shop for walnuts, raisins, and cashew nuts!
  6. My buddy is having a hard time getting a date. His mother advised that at the right time, his mate would come along. He, however, thinks she was hit by a bus on her way to find him!
  7. I have been single for so long. My buddies say I am very picky, and the only time I found my type was when I donated blood!
  8. When my friends suggest I get back into the dating scene, I quickly correct their error. I am not single. My date is in an alternate universe!
  9. After ten years of marriage, a wife lamented that the husband no longer takes her out on dates as he would during their courtship.

Not to disappoint, the man planned a very romantic candle-lit diner at a restaurant. Afterward, he dropped his wife off at her parents’ house!

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