Does DXL Do Alterations? (Process Explained & Benefits) 2023

At DXL, they understand that finding clothing that not only fits well but also makes you feel confident is of utmost importance. That’s why they receive many inquiries from their valued customers, asking, “Does DXL do alterations?”

In this comprehensive guide, we’re here to provide you with all the information you need to know about DXL’s alteration services.

Does DXL Do Alterations?

Does DXL Do Alterations?

Alterations at DXL: Tailored to Perfection

At DXL, they take pride in offering a wide range of clothing options for men of all sizes. They understand that each individual is unique, and they believe that everyone deserves clothing that fits impeccably. That’s why they offer alteration services at select DXL stores to ensure that your garments fit you perfectly.

Their Expert Alteration Services

DXL is committed to providing you with a tailored experience from start to finish. Our expert tailors are skilled in various alteration techniques, ensuring that your clothing fits comfortably and complements your style. Here are some of the key alteration services they offer:


Whether it’s dress slacks, jeans, or suit pants, they can adjust the length to your preferred measurements. Our tailors will ensure that your pants have the perfect hem, so you can step out in style.

Sleeve Shortening or Lengthening

From dress shirts to blazers, they can adjust the sleeves to your desired length. Our tailors pay close attention to detail to maintain the integrity of the garment while ensuring a proper fit.

Waist Adjustments

If your pants or shorts need a waist adjustment, DXL’s tailors can help. They will make sure your bottoms sit comfortably at your waistline, so you can move with ease.


For a more tailored look, they offer tapering services to slim down the legs of your pants or jeans. This service is perfect for achieving a modern and polished appearance.

Shirt Tailoring

Their tailors can also alter the fit of your shirts, ensuring that they drape perfectly on your body. Whether it’s adjusting the torso or sleeves, they’ve got you covered.

How to Get Your Garments Altered at DXL

Getting your clothing altered at DXL is a straightforward process:

  • Visit a DXL Store: Locate a DXL store near you that offers alteration services. You can check their website or contact your nearest store for information on alteration availability.
  • Bring Your Garments: Visit the store with the clothing items you’d like to have altered. Our friendly staff will assist you in understanding the alteration options and provide guidance.
  • Consult with Our Tailors: Our experienced tailors will consult with you to understand your alteration preferences. Feel free to share any specific requirements or adjustments you’d like.
  • Pick Up Your Altered Garments: Once your alterations are complete, you can pick up your perfectly fitted clothing from the DXL store.

Benefits of DXL Alteration Services

Choosing DXL for your alteration needs comes with several benefits:

  • Expertise: Our skilled tailors have extensive experience in working with a variety of fabrics and styles, ensuring professional and precise alterations.
  • Convenience: Alterations can be completed in-store, saving you time and effort. You can shop for clothing and have them tailored in one convenient location.
  • Customization: Tailoring allows you to customize your clothing for a personalized fit, enhancing your overall appearance and comfort.
  • Quality Assurance: DXL is committed to delivering high-quality alteration services that meet your expectations. They stand by our work and your satisfaction.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, when you ask, “Does DXL do alterations?” the answer is a resounding yes. DXL is dedicated to ensuring that you look and feel your best in clothing that fits you perfectly.

Their expert tailors are there to assist you in achieving the ideal fit, whether it’s hemming pants, adjusting sleeves, or customizing your attire. Visit a DXL store near you to experience our alteration services firsthand and elevate your style.

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