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Welcome to this website! In this article, we delve into the outdoorsy world of hiking, the downhill side of it; hiking jokes!

In today’s fast-moving world, we all need a hobby that unplugs us from the world, to look up and enjoy the world around us. What better way to do it than to go hiking as you share some well-needed hiking jokes with friends and family.

Benefits of hiking

By going on a hike, you stand to gain numerous benefits both on your body as well as your mind. The physical aspects include benefits to the overall function of the heart, which in turn improves the blood pressure and blood sugar level. You increase your muscular strength, especially on the arms and legs; you also improve your balance skills as well as strength on your core. When coupled with hiking jokes and puns, belly fat won’t stand a chance!

One additional advantage of this sport is that you determine how fast or slow to take the hike, thereby making the sport suitable for people at different levels of fitness. When one goes hiking, whether alone or in the company of others, they move away from their usual environment.

This breaking monotony will make your brain have a feel-good effect such that when you resume your normal duties, you tend to be even more productive than before.

In fact, it breaks negative thought patterns and lowers anxiety as your perspective changes. The scenic beauty in most hiking places plays, as well as hiking jokes and puns, contribute significantly to a reduction in your stress levels.

Hiking Gear

Success comes to those who are prepared. You will need some basic items to have a fun, successful, and productive time on the hiking trails. These include proper hiking boots or shoes, a jacket, comfortable clothing, and a backpack. In the backpack, you can have healthy snacks, a spotlight, a first aid kit, water, and rain gear. Water is the most essential of these. You might also need a hiking pole. Lastly, a good collection of hiking jokes and puns will keep especially hikers in a group elated.

Varieties of hiking jokes

You will find quite a large collection of hiking jokes, both one-liners and those told in the form of a short narration.

Here are some of the hilarious hiking jokes told;


A man and his son went for a hike one day into the woods. While on the trail, the boy who attended a baptist church against his father’s wishes sang his heart out as his father was grumpy and wouldn’t tell him hiking jokes as he had earlier requested. As they wound down the road, they saw a bear approaching. Quickly the boy climbed a tree. His father tried but was too bulky to go higher than the bear could reach. He was gripped with fear. He decided to pray, a thing he hadn’t done since he became a self-proclaimed atheist!

Suddenly time stopped, and God spoke to the man, “Do you now acknowledge my supremacy and ability to save you in the face of danger? It’s rather too late to save you”, proclaimed God. The man, a quick thinker, then responded, “If it’s too late to save me, then please make the bear a Christian.” Shortly after, time started moving again, and the bear approached the man gently, knelt down, and gave thanks for the huge easy meal God had provided!

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Two blondes are on a hike in the woods. One sees a puff adder and shouts to the other, “Snake!Run!”. The other blonde laughs out loud at her. “Oh, stop trying to scare me; it’s rattling. It’s only a baby!


Four blondes are gleefully on a hike when they come across a group of forest tribesmen. They are captured and presented to the chief. The entire tribe is gloomy and hopes to make a sacrifice to the volcano gods for their joy to be restored. The chief decrees to the four blondes that they will be sacrificed to their gods at dawn the following day. The blondes wailed out loudly and begged for their lives for hours.

When the chief couldn’t take it anymore, he made a decree that they tell hiking jokes to the entire tribe and that all people present MUST laugh at each of their jokes failure to which they would be sacrificed on the spot. The first blonde told a hilarious joke that had the tribe’s people falling off their seats in laughter. All laughed except one blonde! The one who told the joke was sacrificed.

The second blonde told an even funnier joke making all the tribesmen laugh except the same blonde who didn’t laugh at the first blonde’s joke. Once again, the second blonde was sacrificed!

The third blonde gets up to tell her joke. Before she could tell, she laughed so hard till she rolled on the ground. Everyone in the gathering doesn’t get it, and the chief, who is equally confused, asks what she found so funny. She answers, “Oh, now I understand the first hiking jokes!”

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Two men were on a hiking trail when suddenly a heavy downpour came down. Quickly they removed their rain gear but realized soon enough that it would not keep them from getting drenched in the rain. They ran to one of the man’s houses but not before getting sufficiently drenched. They got warm at the fireplace as they waited for the rain to subside.

However, realizing that the rain only increased as the night set in, the host asked his friend to spend the night because his house was much further and there would be no need to get rained on some more. The host then went to prepare his spare room for his guest to spend the night.  

When he came back to the fireplace to find his friend shivering, heavily drenched in water, puzzled, he looked at him and asked how it was that he was even wetter than before. “I ran home and for my pajamas since I have to spend the night here anyway,” replied the friend!

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A number of buddies went out hiking deep in the mountains. They built a campsite and sat around a campfire to tell hiking jokes and puns and stories. One of the fellows stood and advised the rest that should they see bigfoot to steer clear. “Do not touch him whatever you do,” he advised.

Later in the night, bigfoot appeared at the entrance of one of the fellow’s tents. Remembering the advice given earlier, the fellow ran out screaming and ran as fast as he could. By accident, though, he touched bigfoot as he sprinted out of the tent.  Every time he looked behind to see if he had lost him, he would find that he was still in pursuit. The man ran full circle back into the camping site, got in his car, and drove back home.

However, the following day as he left his driveway, he saw a big foot running at high speed towards him. Again he took off but got tired after only a mile as he was exhausted from running on the previous day. Bigfoot finally managed to catch up with him, touched him, and said, “tag, you are it!”

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Hilarious one-liner hiking jokes

In addition to prose-based hiking jokes, there are many one-liner hilarious jokes.

On a hike up the trails, we saw some rocks to rest on, and we were shocked how people could take them for granite!

Going up the trail, we could see the volcano get closer. We weren’t concerned though, it wasn’t active!

A man was driving a hearse when he came across a visibly wounded hitchhiker. He stopped and offered him a ride since he had space at the back. “My journey doesn’t extend that far,” replied the hitchhiker.

At a small hiking town, a group of hungry hikers arrived, checked into a motel, and proceeded to the diner where the smell of sweet steak was emanating. One of the hikers inquired from where they got their steaks. “Well, we climb the highest peak for them.”

“Some high steaks, those are!” replied the hiker.

Bob walked into an all-sports mini mart in search of a camouflage tent. He could not find it!

Q. What’s the best jacket to wear on a hike?

A. Trailblazer!

Q. why do you need to hike with a person who is seasoned at hiking?

A. Bears prefer their meals seasoned!

Q. What kind of music do you listen to on a hike?

A. Trail mix!

Q. How do you invite a one-legged hitchhiker into your vehicle?

A. Hop in!

Q. Why did the hiker stop talking on the trail?

A. He lost his terrain of thought.

Q. What language do trees speak?

A. They bark!

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Hiking jokes make for a good way to have hikers psyched as they go on their trails. Once you start on this journey armed with a bunch of these hiking jokes and puns, the rest of the hike will feel like downhill from there.

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