50+ Hilarious Swimming Jokes of all times 2022

Introduction to swimming jokes

Welcome to this website! In this article, we explore the world of swimming and some of the best-told swimming jokes.  

Swimming is one of the most therapeutic kinds of exercise. Just lounging in water creates a sense of relaxation and a feel-good mood. At a time when the world is experiencing an upheaval, we all need light moments to keep us going. What better way to prompt more people towards this exciting sport than through the swimming jokes that come with it.

Benefits of swimming

Swimming can be said to be the creme de la creme of all forms of body exercise with not only benefits on the entire body such as losing some calories and toning the muscles but also makes for a good time bonding with friends and family. While swimming may not be in itself a joke, its benefits are vast, both physical and mental.

Physical benefits include increasing the heart rate without subjecting the body to stress, enhancing the general fitness of the swimmer, and making for a good way to manage their weight. During pregnancy, women are also encouraged to swim for exercise as it is one of the safe ways for them to get their much-needed exercise. Swimming is suitable for people of all ages who are at different levels of fitness.

Other benefits include improved sleep patterns since it reduces stress levels and builds a high level of endurance. Like swimming jokes, swimming causes the brain to release endorphins making the swimmer feel good. The positive feelings make the swimmer feel hopeful, which ultimately improve their mental health.

It has been said that children who are introduced to swimming at a young age tend to blend in very well in social circles. Their self-confidence has been said to be high in comparison to those who do not start swimming at an early age. Sportsmen and women who suffer injuries in their sport are highly encouraged to swim to regain their body strength as well.

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Why do we tell swimming jokes?

Ultimately swimming is one of the most pleasant ways to cool down on a hot summer day. While some people are good swimmers, others are better at making swimming jokes to avoid getting into the actual swimming; just like commentators are likely to be the least experienced sportsmen and women!

For someone who is taking swimming lessons, swimming jokes may serve as an effective ice breaker to help them relax and get into it. Most often, it is the more experienced swimmers such as swimming coaches and lifeguards more likely to make swimming jokes. This only serves to whet their appetite for a good swim. 

A variety of swimming jokes have been told over the years ranging from corny ones, all family fun jokes, to adult kinds of jokes. Most swimming jokes are general and rotate around swimming terminologies as well as all sorts of water-related banter, aquatic life, and waterbody features. In addition to swimming jokes, swimming puns and riddles are common in the swimming world.

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Swimming jokes in different categories

Some of the hilarious one-liner swimming jokes related to animals include the following;

Q. What kind of stroke doesn’t kill you but makes you stronger?

A. Backstroke

Q. What animal is always ready for a swim?

A. An elephant…it always has its trunk on!

Q. What kind of fly does not go through the development cycle?

A. Butterfly

Q. Where do crabs clean themselves at?

A. They wash ashore.

Q. Why do sharks prefer to swim in salty water only?

A. Cause pepper in the water will make them sneeze.

Q. Why did the mouse avoid swimming in the sea?

A. There was catfish in there!

Q. What is the cost of swimming with sharks?

A. An arm and a leg!

Q. You can never blame a dolphin for anything.


A. They don’t do it on porpoise!

Q. Why aren’t elephants allowed in the swimming pool?

A. They keep dropping their trunks!

Q. What kind of music do Orcas enjoy?

A. Orc a-stra

Q. Which insect is the best swimmer?

A. The butterfly

Q. Where do whales go for vacation?

A. Finland

Q. What does a fish say when it runs into a wall?

A. Oh, Dam!

Swimming jokes related to human swimmers

Q. Why are some swimmers so slow?

A. They can only do the crawl.

Q. How hard is swimming?

A. It deep-ends!

Q. How does a swimmer go back in time?

A. He does the backstroke!

Q. Where do swimmers bank their cash?

A. At the riverbank

Q. Why do swimmers like dark chocolate?

A. It increases their chance of a stroke!

Q. What was the lowest point of your life?

A. When I went scuba diving!

Q. Why did the surfer write his will when he couldn’t find any waves to ride?

A. Because ‘where there’s a will, there’s a wave!

Q. Why don’t musicians go swimming?

A. Because they can just ride sound waves!

Q. Why do swimmers love swimming in the sea?

A. They just love vitamin sea!

Q. Why did the scuba diver give up his hobby?

A. He hit rock bottom!

Q. Why did the scuba diving instructor quit his job?

A. He couldn’t perform under pressure!

Q. Why did the heart patient refuse to swim?

A. He was afraid of strokes!

Q. What makes a swimming instructor and a dentist a good match?

A. Both of them use drills!

Q. What makes disqualifies vegetarians from competitive swimming?

A. They don’t like meets!

Q. What makes gardeners good swimmers?

A. They understand great seed times.

Q. What kind of people don’t like swimming jokes?

A. Those who have a dry sense of humor!

Q. What is the best kind of stroke to use on toast?


Q. How can a swim team pay for pool renovations?

A. They pool resources!

Q. What is the most pointless and meaningless job in the world?

A. lifeguards at Olympic swimming competitions.

Q. what hormones enable a fish to swim while in a house?

A. Indoor fins

Swimming jokes involving other objects

Q. what kind of hair do mermaids rock?

A. Wavy!

Q. Where do zombies go for a swim?

A. The Dead Sea.

Q. How can you tell whether an ocean is friendly?

A. It waves!

Q. Little pumpkins aren’t allowed to swim.


A. Because there are no life gourds on duty!

Other swimming jokes tend to be in the form of well-phrased prose. Here are a few in story form.

My brother and I went swimming last summer. While I am a fast swimmer, my brother is not. A perfect combination for a swim partner! We went into the ocean; a couple of yards out, we spotted a shark. I swam towards the shore like the pro I am. I could hear my brother screaming, “Help, help, shark!” between gasps of water rushing into his mouth. I just kept on swimming, and I was sure that shark wasn’t going to help him!

The most baffling thing I have seen under the sun is the need for beef packaging companies to specify on certain beef being ground. Surely there are no flying or swimming cows!


Swimming jokes and puns are for sure the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to all water sports. Whatever the setting might be, these jokes are likely to make a splash!

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