10 Best place to live in Michigan for outdoors


There are many factors that go into deciding where you want to live, but sometimes finding a place that fulfills your needs can be tricky. With this article, find out the best place to live in Michigan for outdoors if you love being outside!

Best place to live in Michigan for outdoors

Georgetown Charter Township

Georgetown Charter Township is a great place to live if you’re interested in outdoors activities. The township has a wide variety of parks and nature trails that are perfect for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. There are also plenty of lakes and rivers for fishing or swimming. If you’re looking for a less active lifestyle, Georgetown has plenty of shopping options as well.

Plus, the township is only 20 minutes from Traverse City, which means you can easily explore all the amazing things this beautiful part of Michigan has to offer.

East Bay Township

East Bay Township has a population of just over 11,559 people and there are plenty of activities available to residents. The township has several parks that offer beautiful scenery and plenty of space to run, bike, or hike. Additionally, the township has a golf course and several lakes that make for great fishing opportunities.

There are also many lakes and streams that can be enjoyed by fishermen, swimmers, kayakers, and canoeists. East Bay Township also has many businesses that cater to outdoor enthusiasts. East Bay Township is also close to many attractions, including Grand Rapids, Traverse City, and Mackinac Island.

Bear Creek

Bear Creek is a great place to live in Michigan if you love the outdoors. The community has a large park with plenty of trails for hiking, biking, and running. There are also several lakes and streams that offer fishing, boating, and swimming. Bear Creek is also close to several National Forests and nature preserves that offer hiking, camping, hunting, and skiing.

This forested area is home to many animals, including bears, deer, and even wolves. The community is located in the heart of the Upper Peninsula, which makes it easy to enjoy all the outdoors has to offer. There are plenty of lakes and rivers nearby for fishing, swimming, and boating.  Plus, if you need to get to town or if you have work or school nearby, Bear Creek has plenty of options.


This town is home to miles of trails and bike paths, as well as lakes and forests. There are also plenty of culture and nightlife options here, so you’ll never run out of things to do. Plus, it’s situated in one of the most beautiful parts of Michigan.

There are plenty of cultural activities and festivals to enjoy year-round. Whether you’re looking for a serene escape or an action-packed adventure, Walker has something for everyone. The town is located in Southeastern Michigan, which makes it a great place to hunt, fish, hike, and cycle. The town also has a number of parks and public areas where you can enjoy the outdoors. Walker is close to Ann Arbor and Detroit, making it a great place to commute to work or school.

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Traverse City

Traverse City is known for its beautiful waterfront and numerous trails that are perfect for hiking and biking. The city also has plenty of cultural attractions, including the Broken Hill Mine Museum and the Children’s Theatre. Whether you’re looking to kayak, sail, rock climb, or simply enjoy a peaceful walk on the waterfront, Traverse City is the place for you.

There are also plenty of parks and nature preserves available for exploring. Additionally, Traverse City is located in the heart of Michigan’s wine country, so you’ll never be far from a bottle of wine. Plus, the city is located in close proximity to several lakes and rivers that offer outstanding fishing opportunities.

Spring Lake Township

Located in northwest Michigan, this township offers plenty of opportunities for fishing, hiking, biking, and bird-watching. In addition to being a great place to live, Spring Lake Township is also home to some of the state’s best schools.

The township also has several community centers where residents can get their exercise in other ways, like playing basketball or table tennis. If nature isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other things to do in Spring Lake Township. From shopping at local boutiques to enjoying a night out at one of the township’s many restaurants and bars, there’s something for everyone.

Park Township

This township has many parks that offer great opportunities for outdoor activities, like hiking and biking. In addition, there are many lakes and streams in the area that provide excellent fishing and swimming opportunities. The township is located within easy driving distance of several nature preserves and national forests.

The township also features several parks and recreational areas, making it the perfect place to spend a summer afternoon. If you’re looking for a place to raise a family, Park Township is also home to many excellent schools.

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If you’re looking for a great place to live that also features plenty of outdoor activities, then Escanaba should be at the top of your list. This town is home to many outdoor enthusiasts, and there are plenty of places to enjoy nature without having to leave the town. You can hike in the nearby forests or go skiing in nearby Superior. If you’re looking for a slower pace, consider visiting the lakes or taking a walk along the river. Escanaba has it all.

The city has many trails that go through it, making it a great place for hiking and biking. Escanaba also has a beach that is perfect for swimming, fishing, and sunbathing. There are also many lakes in the area that make for great swimming and boating opportunities.


The area is home to a wide variety of natural areas, including forests, lakes, and rivers. There are also plenty of hiking trails and bike paths to explore. If you’re looking for a city with a vibrant cultural scene, Holland is definitely worth considering. There are plenty of museums, theaters, and restaurants to choose from.

With over 100 miles of trails crisscrossing the city, Holland has something for everyone. There are also plenty of lakes and rivers nearby for fishing and swimming. The city is also home to several golf courses, making it easy to get your exercise while enjoying the outdoors.

Laketown Township

Located in Kent County, this township has plenty of land to explore and several lakes to swim in. There are also plenty of trails to hike and bike on, as well as golf courses and other recreational areas. If you’re looking for a place that’s close to Detroit but with its own personality, Laketown Township is the perfect place for you.

The township has over 20 nature trails that will take you on a journey through some of the most beautiful countryside in Michigan. There are also several parks, including the Laketown Township Park and Nature Preserve, where you can explore the natural wonders of the area. And if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, there’s no better place to be than in Laketown Township.


Michigan is a great place to live if you are interested in spending time outdoors. The state is filled with various activities and attractions that will keep you busy, whether you are looking for sightseeing, fishing, hiking, biking, or camping.

With so many options available to you, it’s no wonder Michigan has been ranked number one in the country for quality of life. If you’re thinking about moving to Michigan and want to know what the best places to live are, be sure to read this article!

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