10 Things Kansas is known and famous for


This article discusses things Kansas is known and famous for. To stat with, Kansas is known for its agriculture, natural resources, and military history. While it may not be as well-known as some other states, Kansas has a lot to offer its visitors. In this article, we’ll take a look at what makes Kansas so special and what you can see and do when you travel to the state.

Things Kansas is known and famous for

1. Agriculture in Kansas

The state is home to many famous crops, including wheat, corn, and soybeans. In addition to these staple crops, Kansas also has a large variety of fruits and vegetables. Kansas is also a leading producer of cattle, pigs, and poultry.

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2. Military History

The state was home to the first U.S. military post west of the Mississippi River, Fort Leavenworth, which was established in 1827. During the American Civil War, Kansas was a key battleground. Confederate General Sterling Price marched through the state in 1862, prompting President Abraham Lincoln to order General William Rosecrans to march from Missouri and stop Price. The Battle of Baxter Springs took place in the town of Baxter Springs on October 6, 1862 and resulted in a Union victory. Kansas also played a significant role in World War II. In 1942, the Army Air Forces established an airbase near Topeka that became one of the largest training centers in the world.

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3. Home of large companies

Kansas is known for its large companies, including Koch Industries, Boeing, and Monsanto. These companies have helped make Kansas one of the most prosperous states in the country. Kansas also has a strong infrastructure, including a well-educated population and a stable government. This combination has made it a desirable place to live and work.

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4. The Flint Hills

The Flint Hills is a beautiful area in Kansas that is known for its rolling hills and large sky. The hills were formed over millions of years as sediments settled and the mountains were created. The area is home to many animals, including bison, deer, and bald eagles. It is also a popular tourist destination because of its natural beauty and history.

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5. The vast area of rolling grassland

The landscape is dotted with small farms and ranches, but it’s the great open spaces that make Kansas special. The flatness of the land and the lack of trees makes for easy travel and excellent views. The rolling hills provide a natural environment for farming, and the state is home to several important national parks, including Mount Rushmore National Monument and Yellowstone National Park.

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6. Home of museums

The state has over 60 museums, including the world’s largest concentration of dinosaur bones and the only museum in the country devoted to Native American art. Some of the other museums in Kansas include the Children’s Museum of Kansas City, the Fort Hays State Historical Site, and the Topeka History Museum.

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7. Sedgwick county zoo and Botanica

Kansas is known for its many beautiful attractions, but one of the most popular is the Sedgwick County Zoo and Botanica. This zoo is home to a variety of animals, from lions to monkeys, and even a few rare species. Botanica is also a popular attraction, with gardens full of flowers and trees. If you’re looking for a fun day out, be sure to check out Kansas’ Sedgwick County Zoo and Botanica!

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8. High quality of life

Kansas has a wide variety of natural attractions, including the beautiful Wichita Mountains and the Osage Hills. It also has world-renowned universities, such as the University of Kansas and Wichita State University. Kansas is a very safe state, and there are few violent crimes committed there each year. Kansas residents enjoy a low cost of living, with affordable housing and excellent schools.

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9. Music

Kansas City, Kansas is the birthplace of blues legend B.B. King and the home of the famous Capitol Theatre. In the 1970s, Kansas became well-known for its hard rock scene, and bands such as Kiss and AC/DC were born there. Today, Kansas has a thriving country music scene with artists like Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, and Zac Brown Band performing regularly in concert venues around the state.

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10. Natural resources

The state is home to some of the most productive farmland in the United States. It also has large oil and gas reserves, as well as significant coal reserves. Kansas is also home to many different types of forests, including the world’s largest stand of black walnut trees. Kansas is home to some of the most important water resources in the United States. Kansas has a large supply of water that is used for irrigation, hydropower, and municipal use.


Kansas is known for its agriculture, its universities, and of course the famous Flint Hills. What most people don’t know about Kansas is that it also has a rich history in music. From bluegrass to rock ‘n’ roll, Kansas has produced some of the biggest names in the country and popular music. If you love listening to music then a trip to Kansas might be something you want to consider.

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