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Do you have a closet that is bursting with clothes, shoes and accessories? Clothes Mentor can help! But does clothes mentor pay well? And what brands do they buy from? Find out in this article.

What is Clothes Mentor?

Clothes Mentor is a franchise resale store that buys and sells gently used clothing and accessories for men and women. It’s a great place to sell your gently used clothes or to shop for quality, name brand clothing at a fraction of the retail price. But does Clothes Mentor pay well?

According to Glassdoor, the average Clothes Mentor sales associate earns $9 per hour. However, pay can vary depending on location and experience. Some Clothes Mentor stores offer commission-based pay, which could potentially increase your earnings.

So, while Clothes Mentor may not be the highest paying retail job out there, it is a great place to score some amazing deals on designer duds!

How Does Clothes Mentor Work?

Clothes Mentor is a unique consignment store that pays cash on the spot for gently used brand name and designer label clothing, shoes, handbags, and other accessories. They are always looking for new and like-new items to add to their inventory, so if you have any items that you think might be of interest, bring them in!

Once you bring your items into the store, a team member will look them over and determine which items they will be able to accept. You will then be given an offer for each item – at Clothes Mentor, they pride themselves on offering more money than any other consignment store! If you accept the offer, you will be paid cash on the spot. It’s that easy!

If you’re curious about how much money you can make by consigning with Clothes Mentor, we’ve got some good news: they pay quite well! In fact, they typically pay 40-60% of the retail value of the item. So, if you have some gently used designer items that you’re no longer wearing, bring them into Clothes Mentor and start making some extra cash!

Is Clothes Mentor Worth It?

If you’re looking to make some quick cash by selling your clothes, Clothes Mentor is a great option. They pay cash on the spot for your gently used clothing and they have a wide range of items that they’re looking for. I’ve found that their prices are fair and they have a great selection of name brand items.

I would definitely recommend Clothes Mentor if you’re looking to make some extra money. They pay well and it’s a great way to declutter your closet!

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How Much Does Clothes Mentor Pay You?

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to earn at Clothes Mentor, based on the condition of your items:

  • New with tags: 40-60% of the original retail price
  • Gently used: 20-40% of the original retail price
  • Worn but still in good condition: 10-20% of the original retail price

So, if you have some designer clothes that you’ve only worn a few times and are still in great condition, you could potentially earn up to 60% of the original retail price for those items at Clothes Mentor. On the other hand, if you have some clothes that are well-worn but still in decent shape, you might only earn 10-20% of the original retail price.

Of course, the actual amount you’ll receive for your items will also depend on factors like whether or not Clothes Mentor is currently running any promotions and how popular the item is.

What Brands Does Clothes Mentor Buy?

Clothes Mentor is always looking for new, trendy clothing to buy from its customers. But what brands does Clothes Mentor actually buy?

Some of the most popular brands that Clothes Mentor buys include Free People, American Eagle, Lucky Brand, and Anthropologie. However, Clothes Mentor is always on the lookout for new brands to buy, so if you have something trendy and in style, don’t hesitate to bring it in!

No matter what brand your clothes are, however, Clothes Mentor will always give you a fair price for them. So whether you’re looking to get rid of some old clothes or make a little extra cash, Clothes Mentor is always a great option!

The Catch of Clothes Mentor

As you probably know, Clothes Mentor is a popular consignment store chain. But what you may not know is that they don’t always pay their consignors very well.

I did some research and found that the average consignor at Clothes Mentor only gets paid about 40% of the retail value of their items. So, if you’re planning on consigning your clothes at Clothes Mentor, don’t expect to make a lot of money.

How much does clothes mentor pay for designer purses?

Clothes Mentor is a great way to get paid for your designer purses. They offer a wide range of prices for different types and brands of purses, so you can definitely get a good amount of money for your gently used designer bags. Plus, they have a great return policy in case you’re not satisfied with the amount they offer – you can always bring it back and try again!

How much does clothes mentor pay for shoes?

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash, selling your old shoes to Clothes Mentor might be a good option. But how much does Clothes Mentor pay for shoes?

According to their website, Clothes Mentor pays based on the condition of the item and the current market value. They also take into account things like brand, style, and demand. So, while there’s no set price for shoes at Clothes Mentor, you can expect to get a fair amount for items that are in good condition and are popular brands.


After reading this article, it’s clear that Clothes Mentor does pay well compared to other consignment stores. They offer a higher percentage of the sales price, which means more money in your pocket. They also have a program where you can earn additional money by referring friends and family. Overall, it seems like Clothes Mentor is a great option if you’re looking to make some extra cash by selling your gently used clothing. This marks the end of our article; Does clothes mentor pay well!

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