Does Tickpick Have Fees? [4 Types of Fees Discussed]

Tickpick is a popular platform for purchasing event tickets, but many potential buyers are curious about the fees associated with using it.

In this article, we will explore the topic in depth, shedding light on Tickpick’s fee structure and answering frequently asked questions about fees. So, does Tickpick have fees? Let’s find out!

Does Tickpick Have Fees?

Yes, Tickpick does have fees, but it prides itself on transparent pricing. The fees you might encounter include shipping fees for physical tickets (typically $10.99 to $15.99 through FedEx), seller fees in the form of commissions when tickets are sold (set at 15%), and minor payment processing fees based on your chosen payment method. Tickpick stands out in the industry for not having hidden service fees, ensuring that the price you see is the price you pay for most tickets.

Does Tickpick Have Fees?

If you’ve ever tried to purchase tickets for a concert, sports event, or any other live performance, you’re probably aware that the ticket price you see isn’t always the final cost.

Additional fees can sneak in and increase the overall price you pay. Tickpick is known for its transparent ticket pricing, but it’s crucial to understand if and when fees come into play.

Understanding Tickpick’s Fee Structure

To provide a comprehensive understanding of Tickpick’s fee structure, let’s break it down:

Service Fees

Tickpick, unlike many ticketing platforms, prides itself on offering tickets with no hidden service fees. This means that the price you see listed for a ticket is the actual price you’ll pay. It’s a refreshing approach that sets Tickpick apart in the industry.

Shipping Fees

When purchasing physical tickets on Tickpick, you may encounter shipping fees. The cost depends on the delivery method you choose, such as standard shipping or expedited options.

To receive your tickets via FedEx, a one-time FedEx fee is applied to cover the cost of the shipping label. The standard FedEx 2-day shipping fee amounts to $10.99, while the overnight shipping option is available at a fee of $15.99.

For local pickup there is a $5 delivery fee. It’s essential to review these fees before completing your purchase to make an informed decision. See more!

Seller Fees

Tickpick allows individuals to sell their tickets on the platform. It charges sellers a fee in the form of a commission when their tickets are sold, and it’s typically set at 15%. These fees help cover the costs of maintaining the platform.

However, please note that the exact percentage may vary depending on the event and other factors.

For precise details regarding the fees associated with selling tickets, it’s advisable for sellers to review the fee structure on Tickpick’s platform or contact Tickpick directly.

Payment Processing Fees

Payment processing fees are associated with the method you use to pay for your tickets. Tickpick accepts various payment options, and each may have its own associated fee, but these fees are typically minimal.


In conclusion, Tickpick is a ticketing platform that stands out for its transparency in pricing. While there are fees associated with certain aspects of ticket purchasing, such as shipping and seller commissions, these are clearly presented to customers before they make a purchase.

Tickpick’s commitment to transparent pricing makes it a reputable choice for obtaining event tickets.

So, if you’re wondering, “Does Tickpick have fees?” the answer is yes, but they are presented upfront, ensuring that you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Make sure to explore Tickpick for your next event ticket purchase and enjoy a transparent and hassle-free experience.

FAQs about Tickpick’s Fees

Let’s address some common questions regarding fees on Tickpick:

Are there any hidden fees on Tickpick?

No, Tickpick is committed to transparency and does not include hidden service fees in the ticket prices.

How can I avoid shipping fees?

To avoid shipping fees, opt for electronic tickets or choose a delivery method with lower associated costs.

Do sellers always pay fees on Tickpick?

Yes, sellers may incur fees, usually in the form of a commission, when their tickets are sold.

Can I use different payment methods to reduce fees?

Yes, you can explore different payment methods to find the one with the lowest associated fees.

Are Tickpick’s fees competitive?

Tickpick’s fee structure is competitive in the ticketing industry, with its commitment to transparency setting it apart.

Is Tickpick worth it despite the fees?

Many users find that Tickpick’s transparent pricing and overall ticket value make it a worthwhile platform, even with fees factored in.

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