[4 Main] Five Below Distribution Center Locations In USA

In this article, we will take a comprehensive look at the distribution center locations of Five Below in the United States. Five Below is a popular retail store known for its affordable and trendy products.

To ensure seamless operations and prompt deliveries to its numerous stores, Five Below has strategically placed distribution centers across the country.

Let’s explore where these centers are located and their significance in ensuring a great shopping experience for customers.

Five Below Distribution Center Locations

Five Below distribution center locations in USA

They also play a crucial role in the company’s supply chain, ensuring efficient product delivery to their numerous stores.

1. The East Coast Hub: Five Below’s Florence, NJ Distribution Center

The Florence, New Jersey distribution center is a crucial hub for Five Below’s operations on the East Coast.

This facility serves as a major distribution point for the stores located in the eastern part of the United States. With its strategic location, it allows for efficient distribution to stores in the densely populated regions of the East Coast.

2.  The Midwest Marvel: Five Below’s Olive Branch, MS Distribution Center

Heading over to the Midwest, Five Below’s Olive Branch, Mississippi distribution center plays a pivotal role. Situated in a strategic location in the heart of the country, this center is instrumental in ensuring that stores across the Midwest receive their products promptly. Its central location reduces transportation time and costs.

3. The Western Connection: Five Below’s Rialto, CA Distribution Center

For the western part of the United States, Five Below relies on its Rialto, California distribution center.

This center is strategically positioned to cater to the stores on the West Coast. By having a presence in California, Five Below can efficiently manage its distribution in this densely populated area.

4. The Southern Support: Five Below’s Monroe, GA Distribution Center

The distribution center in Monroe, Georgia, is essential for serving the southern states. This location allows for easy and efficient distribution to stores in the South.

It plays a vital role in ensuring that customers in the southern part of the United States have access to the latest and greatest products.

Importance of distribution centers for retail chains

  1. Efficient Inventory Management: Distribution centers serve as central hubs for inventory management. They allow retail chains to consolidate products from various suppliers, perform quality checks, and efficiently organize and store items. This centralized approach ensures that the right products are readily available when needed.
  2. Reduced Transportation Costs: By having strategically located distribution centers, retail chains can significantly reduce transportation costs. These centers are placed in proximity to stores, reducing the time and expense associated with long-distance shipping. This cost-saving is especially crucial for budget-friendly stores like Five Below.
  3. Faster Order Fulfillment: Distribution centers enable rapid order fulfillment. Products can be quickly picked, packed, and shipped to individual stores. This agility is essential in meeting consumer demand for trendy and seasonal items, ensuring that stores are well-stocked with the latest products.
  4. Optimized Inventory Levels: Retail chains can optimize their inventory levels with the help of distribution centers. They can avoid overstocking or understocking at individual stores, which can lead to storage and holding costs, as well as missed sales opportunities.
  5. Improved Product Availability: Having distribution centers strategically placed across different regions of the country ensures that products are readily available to consumers. It guarantees that stores are consistently stocked with the latest merchandise, providing customers with a consistent shopping experience.


In conclusion, Five Below strategically places its distribution centers across the United States to ensure that their customers have access to their trendy and affordable products.

From the East Coast to the West Coast, and the Midwest to the South, these distribution centers are strategically positioned to facilitate efficient product delivery to stores. This ensures that customers can enjoy the Five Below experience wherever they are in the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many distribution centers does Five Below have in the USA?

Five Below operates four distribution centers in the USA, strategically located in New Jersey, Mississippi, California, and Georgia.

Why are distribution centers crucial for Five Below’s operations?

Distribution centers are essential for efficiently supplying products to Five Below stores across the country, reducing transportation time and costs.

Can the public visit Five Below’s distribution centers?

Generally, distribution centers are not open to the public due to security and safety concerns.

How do distribution centers benefit Five Below customers?

Distribution centers help ensure that Five Below stores are well-stocked, providing customers with the latest trendy products at affordable prices.

Are there plans for more distribution centers in the future?

While Five Below continues to expand, the company may consider opening additional distribution centers to support its growth and better serve customers.

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