Living in Utah as a Non Mormon | Pros & Cons 2023


The dominant religion in the state is Mormonism and those who don’t follow that faith can often feel like outsiders.
Despite the challenges, there are also many benefits to living in Utah as a non-Mormon.

The state is home to a large and vibrant community of people from all different backgrounds and faiths. It is also a very welcoming and friendly state.

Living in Utah as a Non Mormon

Living in Utah as a Non Mormon

It can be a little nerve-wracking moving to Utah if you’re not Mormon. There’s an unspoken rule that the state is reserved for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

But there are plenty of non-Mormons living in Utah and enjoying life here. Here are some things on living in Utah as a Non Mormon.

Pros of living in Utah as non-Mormon

1. Racial and Ethnical Diversity

Utah is a state known for its large population of Mormons. However, what many people don’t know is that Utah is also a state with a large amount of racial and ethnic diversity. This diversity can be an advantage for non-Mormons who are looking to move to the state.

Utah has a large number of minorities, including Hispanics, blacks, Asians, and Native Americans. There are also a number of schools and organizations that cater to minority groups.

This diversity is a beneficial to businesses. Businesses that are located in states with a more diverse population tend to do better than those in states that are not as diverse. This is because they are able to tap into a larger customer base.

2. Different churches to attend

There are many different churches to attend in Utah if you are not Mormon. You can find a church that suits your needs and beliefs no matter what they may be.

There are plenty of traditional Christian churches, to choose from. The Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City has several churches throughout the state, as well as the Episcopal Diocese of Utah.

There are also many different Protestant denominations represented in Utah, such as the Baptist, Methodist, and Presbyterian churches.

If you are not religious but still want to find a community to belong to, there are also secular options available. The Utah Pride Center is a great resource for the LGBTQ+ community, and they offer weekly gatherings and support groups.

3. The climate is suitable for every season

The climate is suitable for every season, making it a great place to live year-round. Additionally, Utah has plenty of opportunities to enjoy the state’s natural beauty and diverse population.

The state has a variety of landscapes to explore, from the mountains to the desert. It is a great place to visit for non-Mormons who want to enjoy the outdoors in every season, and the climate is perfect for all kinds of activities.

4. The cost of living is low

Utah is a great place to live for many reasons, but one of the best things about it is the low cost of living. In fact, Utah has been ranked as one of the most affordable states in the US.

The utilities are very affordable. Food costs are also reasonable, and you can even find some great deals on local produce. Overall, the cost of living in Utah is very affordable, which makes it a great choice for those looking to relocate or simply save money

5. Robust Economic Growth

Utah’s economy has been one of the strongest in the nation over the past year, and that trend is expected to continue. Job growth has been strong across a wide range of industries, and wages are rising at a healthy pace.

The state’s unemployment rate remains well below the national average, and businesses are continuing to invest in the state.

Utah’s economic success is attributable to a number of factors, including its highly educated workforce, business-friendly environment, and favorable location.

The state is also benefitting from strong population growth, as people continue to move to Utah from other parts of the country.

6. It’s a great place to raise a family.

Utah is a great place to raise a family. The state is known for its beautiful scenery, friendly and welcoming people, great schools and many outdoor activities. The state has some of the best skiing in the country, and there are also hiking, camping, and fishing opportunities galore.

Families will love the many cultural attractions Utah has to offer, including the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Pioneer Day celebrations. There is something for everyone in Utah, making it a great place to raise a family.

Cons of living in Utah as non-Mormon

1. Pervasive Latter-Days-Saints (LDS) culture

When it comes to the culture in Utah, it’s no secret that the LDS church has a huge influence. From the way people dress to the way they speak; LDS values are everywhere.

And while this can be great for Mormons, it can be a bit of a disadvantage for those who don’t share the same beliefs.

For one, the pervasive LDS culture can make it difficult to find places to socialize and have fun. There are few bars or clubs in Utah, and many of the restaurants and businesses are closed on Sundays. This can make it tough for non-Mormons to find things to do on weekends.

Additionally, the Mormon emphasis on family can be a bit overwhelming for those who don’t have children or who aren’t married.

2. High cost of housing

The cost of housing in Utah has been on the rise in recent years, making it difficult for residents to find affordable options. The average cost of a home in Utah is now over $450,000, and the median rent price is nearly $2,000.

This increase in housing costs is putting a strain on families and individuals across the state. Many are forced to spend more than they can afford on housing, and some are even becoming homeless.

There are a number of factors contributing to the high cost of housing in Utah. The state’s population is growing rapidly, and there is not enough housing being built to keep up with demand.

In addition, land prices have been rising due to a strong economy and increased development activity.

3. High taxes in Utah

Utah has one of the highest sales tax rates in the country, and residents are also taxed on their income and property.

The high taxes have caused many people to move out of the state, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract new businesses.

The high taxes are due to the state’s lack of a sales tax. Instead, the state relies heavily on property taxes. This means that residents who own homes pay much higher taxes than those who don’t. Many residents are upset about the high taxes

The state government is aware of the problem and is working on a solution, but in the meantime, residents will have to continue to pay high taxes.


In conclusion, living in Utah as a non-Mormon can be an exciting and unique experience. There are many opportunities to meet new people and learn about different cultures.

There is also a chance to learn about and experience the Mormon culture firsthand.

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