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Hello and welcome to This article seeks to review and its features. Its primary objective is to answer the question; Is legit?

What is Money XYZ?

Money Xyz is a company that offers a platform for money-making after viewing ad units and attracting other people. When one attracts referrals, you get 30% transferred to your accounts from their earnings. On the markets, it makes the most profitable offer of an advertisement that is paid at the time.

The earnings are typically unlimited and it all depends on the amount of time spent in front of the PC. All the earned funds are deposited in the personal employee’s account and are then paid to your bank card or an electronic account upon the request sent in that account within an hour.

Money xyz login

To register or sign up on, the following steps are made; visit, navigate to the menu bar and click on register. You will be required to input the information about your name, email address, and password. Then click on sign-up to finish.

Reviews have confirmed this site a scam since they invite people to join promising them that they would probably earn about $3000 a month if they will take the time and invest money with them. You cannot make any money by just clicking the site, you will just be wasting a lot of your money by investing on any online platform carrying the name xyz.

Money xyz sites

These sites offer a reward falsely or scheme to get paid. Making money for self-gain is the owner of the owner. This is done by displaying cost per impression (CPI) ads. However, these ads pay very little. The owner of this company will have to get many people to view the ads to make decent earnings from it.

New users are randomly invited by a false promise to get paid $0.10 every time an ad is viewed. These sites are countless. Although they have an identical format. E.g.,,,,,, and the list is endless.

How money xyz works

On this site, viewing ads is the major thing that is required for you. Having viewed 1500 ads and your account balance reach $150, a withdrawal request is now done. Secondly, it is a requirement to refer others to this site that is by using your referral link. Before cashing out your earnings, you should have reached at least 40 people.

Afterward you are sent another message that says; for your money account to be approved, it will take 30-60 days. Most important, they will pay you to speed up the process of verification. If it will be hard for you to wait for those 30-60 days, then you can maybe pay them $10 in Bitcoin.

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How to make money on xyz

In, money is made by viewing ads. The users will not be required to view the ads for a specific period, not even a second. One is invited to these sites to earn but not to show interest in any of the ads. Knowingly or unknowingly, most advertisers waste money by displaying these ads on sites to receive back useless traffic.

After viewing an ad or two, you will be allowed to request a withdrawal. You will be required to enter how you want the money to be sent to you. Various ways to be paid are; PayPal, Credit card, Western Union, bank wire transfer, or Bitcoin. Earning $150 is necessary for you to make the first withdrawal. This is by viewing ads 1500 times.

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 Is legit?

Is legit? The website is not legit. Being promised to getting paid by clicking sites will only waste your time. However, there is a legit pct site and from it, a substantial amount can be earned in maybe your spare time.

One of these sites includes It is a site that has undergone testing and it has many positive reviews. It happens to be the most paying site and more than 100$ can be earned in a month.

The reason why site is a scam is because many of the users who had invested their money and time on these sites lose them. To clarify this, there have been also complaints about people losing their money. This marks the end of our article; is legit? and the anwer is NO!

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