Goldearn Ventures Authentic Review 2021

Is Goldearn Ventures Scam or Legit?

This article seeks to evaluate Goldearn Ventures that was launched on 10th July 2021.

On this blog, we have reviewed various online investment platforms with more concern on their credibility and the investors’ ability to succeed in these platforms. Some of the recently analyzed online investments includes Ikopesa.

Surprisingly, our prediction based on the assessment of these online investments has been 100% accurate. The platforms that have been predicted to be a scam have vanished with millions of money for people that invested.

On the other hand, platforms that we reviewed as legit have performed exceptionally as expected, and people are still investing and earning huge commissions.

How do you register in Goldearn Ventures?

Goldearn Ventures is an online investment platform available in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Nigeria. To join Goldearn ventures, you are only required to set a username, your email address, and your phone number.

Once you register, you are supposed to activate your account with some money depending on which country you are in. Check the table below to see the joining fee in each country mentioned above.

Goldearn Ventures Activation fee per Country

CountryKenya Uganda Tanzania Rwanda Nigeria
Joining Fee Ksh 450 UGX 18,000Tsh 10,500RWF 4,5002000 Naira

Once you have an active Goldearn Ventures account, there are more than eight ways in which you can make money.

How to Earn in Goldearn Ventures

Affiliate Programs/Referrals

Usually, referrals and affiliate programs are the main ways of making money on most online investments platforms. Referrals refer to people that you invite directly to join a platform via your unique invite link. In Goldearn Ventures, you make money up to three levels through referrals.

In level 1, you will earn a commission of Ksh 250 for each person that you invite to join. In level 2, you will earn an indirect commission of Ksh 100. And finally, in level 3, you will earn a commission of Ksh 50 for indirect referrals.

To explain this better, let’s assume you invite your friend, let’s say, Jay, directly to join Goldearn Ventures. For this case, you will earn Ksh 250. Now, if Jay invites his friend Lilly, you will make an indirect commission of Ksh 100.

Further, if Lilly invites her friend Martin, you will further make a commission of Ksh 50. This represents the three levels of earning through referrals in Goldearn Ventures.

On the other hand, affiliate programs refer to external links that you can use to make more money on Goldearn Ventures.

Summary of the Level Earnings

Per Level
Kenya Uganda Tanzania Rwanda Nigeria
Level 1Ksh 250 UGX 8,500Tsh 5,400RWF 2,200900 Naira
Level 2 Ksh 100UGX 3,500Tsh 2,200RWF 900350 Naira
Level 3 Ksh 50 UGX 1,700Tsh 1,100RWF 450180 Naira

Spin and Win

Spin and win is another way of making extra cash in Goldearn Ventures. Here, spinning is categorized in two ways. The first spin is the New User Spin, and the second is the Stake to Spin or Casino Spin.

The new user spin is a free spin granted to all new members who join and activate their Goldearn Ventures accounts. The maximum that you can win through the new user spin is Ksh 1100.

For the stake to spin or casino spin, you are granted a chance to stake any amount above Ksh 20 that you would like to use to try your luck. You can make as much money as X66 (times) your stake through this type of spin.

New User Survey

Surveys serve as a small token method for making more money in Goldearn Ventures. Once every new user joins Goldearn Ventures and activates the account, he/she is given a chance to answer five simple questions. After answering the questions, a bonus of Ksh 50 is added to their account.

Trivial Questions

Answering simple questions on Goldearn Ventures is another method for stretching to reach more money. In the platform, trivial questions are simple and direct and are scheduled on specific days and times. All active users are given five minutes to correctly answer some questions, and they receive some bonus upon correct answering.

IQ Tests

These are timed tests whose answers are basically on the net and thus can be Googled. All active users in Goldearn Ventures are given a chance to participate in the tests depending on their flexibility and comfortability.

Meme Creation

Apparently, we are in a digital era where everybody is looking for something humorous. For this reason, Goldearn Ventures have innovated a new strategy to entertain its members as they make money in the process.

All members are given a chance to create and post memes in the platform, and they get paid depending on the views they will receive on the memes.

Classified Advertising Clicks

Here, Goldearn Ventures allows its active users to post adverts and market with them. Users can market any product they want on the platform, including clothes, shoes, utensils, jewelry, and electronics, among many others. The more a user receives more clicks, the higher he/she earns.

Forex Trading 

This is an additional way of making money in Goldearn Ventures. The Goldearn fraternity has a team consisting of forex trading experts who tutors active users who are interested in forex trading. The forex classes are conducted through WhatsApp or telegram.

By keeping track of the trading patterns, the tutors alert users when it’s the best time to buy or sell in forex trading to make huge profits.

Pros of Joining Goldearn Ventures

  • Small and affordable activation fee
  • Instant withdrawal
  • You get money directly into your mobile wallet
  • Multiple ways of earning
  • All-time customer service

Cons of Joining Goldearn Ventures

  • It is normally hard to get referrals if you don’t have a wide network of people

Goldearn Ventures Conclusion

Based on the above assessment, we can conclude that Goldearn Ventures represents an good investment platform with multiple ways of earning. Therefore, if you are a good affiliate marketer and you have a vast network of friends that you can refer to join, you can join Goldearn Ventures. On the platform, you can make good fortune.

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  1. What if I sent money to you but no feedback in my account plus my registration is no function

    1. You should pay the activation fee using the phone number that you used to create your account! But if you have already paid, you can create a new account with the phone number that you used to pay! I hope this helps you.

    1. You should pay the activation fee using the phone number that you used to create your account! But if you have already paid, you can create a new account with the phone number that you used to pay! I hope this helps you.

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