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Brief Introduction

Hello there and welcome to this website. This article reviews Moch Technologies that was was launched a couple of weeks ago.

Currently, securing employment in has been a great challenge to most people, especially the youths, and has made a majority of people shift to alternative sources of money. As a result, a lot of people have opted to find online jobs that are easier to start or invest in. This has led to the emergence of numerous online jobs platforms, some being legit while others being scams.

Therefore, in this website, we review emerging and existing online jobs platforms to determine their legitimacy and credibility. Our conclusion on whether a platform is legit or a scam depends on the level of trustworthiness of the platform and user experiences. Besides reviews, we also recommend the best platforms to invest in as well free platforms for making money, like legit online surveys that pay cash instantly.

Important to note, we have reviewed multiple online jobs such as MotcashPesalifeOne-hour translationIkopesaeasy earn technologiesChris black agencies, among others. You can read the reviews of these online jobs to see which are worth investment. Please note, do not invest in platforms that we have reviewed as scam since the risks of losing your money is very high.

Now, let’s take an in-depth review of Moch Technologies with regard to all of its elements.

What is Moch Technologies?

According to Moch, is a money making platform that pays you after making various investments and you are also given referral bonuses.

Moch Technologies Registration

Becoming a Moch Technologies member is completely free. There are no fees required when registering an account. Also, for you to do a Moch Technologies Login, you just need to enter your personal details.

How Moch Technologies works

Moch Technologies works just like other online ventures. The primary method of making money in Moch Technologies is through investments and referring. There are no other methods highlighted.

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Ways of making money in Moch Technologies

Moch Technologies Investments

Moch Technologies has various packages in which you can choose the one that is appealing to you. The level packages are briefly described below, including the earnings.

You invest Ksh 500 and Receive Ksh 650

You invest Ksh 1000 and Receive Ksh 1300

You invest Ksh 2000 and Receive Ksh 2660

You invest Ksh 3000 and Receive Ksh 3900

You invest Ksh 4000 and Receive Ksh 5200

You invest Ksh 5000 and Receive Ksh 6500

You invest Ksh 10,000 and Receive Ksh 13,000

The minimum investment that you can make on Moch Technologies is Ksh 500


After joining Moch Technologies, you get a unique referral link that you can share with your friends and family members to use while joining for you to receive bonuses. Those who join via your link are displayed on your account as direct referrals. Notably in Moch Technologies, you get paid direct referrals. Referral bonus is 10% of your downline investment.

Moch Technologies customer care number

Unfortunately, we have not come across any Moch Technologies customer support contact information. We recommend you do more research on their contact information if you have an issue that needs to be solved.

How to withdraw money from Moch Technologies Moch Technologies

Withdrawals are instant and are made through M-Pesa.

  • The minimum withdrawal amount is Ksh 200
  • You can withdraw during any time of the day.

Is Moch Technologies Legit?

Moch Technologies looks like a legit online investment platform. However, the platform is new and thus there are many uncertainties of the investments you make. The platform doesn’t require a lot of referring to make money since most of the earnings are through investments. But if you aren’t good at referring people, then you will be able to make more money on the platform.

We also recommend you find other alternative sources of making money, such as legit online surveys that pay cash instantly where you can make a minimum of $1 (Ksh 100) per survey.

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