PB Power App Honest Review 2023 {Kenya}

What is PB Power App? Is PB Power App Legit? How do I invest in PB Power App? Hello and welcome to our website. This article reviews the PB Power App to determine whether it is legit or it is just a fraudulent online app that is intended to con people their money.

What is PB Power App?

According to various reliable sources of information, PB Power App is an online app that is said to make you money once you invest in it. It is known by most people as Power Bank Earning App. The owners of PB power App argue that you can invest money in the app and start earning through completing various daily tasks. Notably, there is no entry fee required.

How do you make money in PB Power App?

According to PB Power App owners, you make profit by virtual buying of products available on the website. There are multiple products such as a Single power bank, simple power bank set, power bank smart base, power bank kiosk, all of which have different daily incomes.

For you to be able to buy a product from PB Power App, you need to recharge your account with an amount equal to the price of the product you want to buy. After you buy the product, you will start earning a daily commission that is dependent on the product that you bought. The daily incomes range from as low as Ksh 10 to Ksh 27,000. The contract period for making profit is 90 days.

In addition to purchasing, the owners claim that you can also make profit by inviting people to join and register on the app. Here, it operates in a model similar to a pyramid scheme where you only make a profit up to the second-level customer. The first level customer earns you a commission of 10% of their daily earnings while the second level customer earns you a commission of 5% of their daily income.

IS PB Power App Legit?

No, PB Power App is a big scam! The owners of the business apply a business model that has been there in other online scams. The application is not new. It has been there in other countries like India, and the reviews users have left are mainly negative. Also, the reviews from Kenyan users indicate that PB Power App is likely to be a big scam.

Also, the app works similarly like the scam Amazon WebWorker that ended up conning people millions of money. And if you aren’t aware, there are so many earning apps that have emerged recently such as Best Choice Earning App and Solar Factory Earning App which works similarly to PB Power. Most of these apps are less trustworthy since they promise investors huge profits but end up collapsing after a short time.

We recommend you stay away and refrain from investing your money in the Pb Power App. You can read the following comments to see the experiences of the app users since it is not new in Kenya, and also given that it has been there in other countries like India, as we mentioned above. Further, we recommend you carryout more research on the credibility of the app if you want to invest in it.

PB Power App Reviews

Reviews/Comments from Users

If you are interested in having a deeper overview of the app, you can follow this link to log in and see the various products available and the income per product after investing. Please note that we have provided the link for you to see why we conclude that PB Power App is likely to be a scam platform. The platform promises investors very high profits in some packages which is not realistic. DO NOT RECHARGE YOUR ACCOUNT BECAUSE YOU WILL FALL INTO THEIR TRAP!!

For legit online ventures, you can read about Legit online surveys that pay cash instantly and see whether you can invest your money with them. . . . Continue following this website for more alerts on scam and legit emerging online jobs. We have reviewed other platforms such as, Best choice app, Solar factory app, Chris Black Agencies, Digitrust Investment, Vivacious invest, Helaking, Sweethela among others. Our reviews have been helpful and have assisted our followers dodge scam online ventures.

12 thoughts on “PB Power App Honest Review 2023 {Kenya}”

  1. Pbpower has crumbled today,they have cheated their customers that Safaricom in Kenya has closed their payment points.Sad by alot

    1. Its true, no one can access the inner details of how the transaction is doing. Many people have put in hundreds of thousands.

  2. The first and the last to have lost my penny to. I wish I’d made enough research before risking.

  3. Its true, no one can access the inner details of how the transaction is doing. Many people have put in hundreds of thousands.

  4. And for the first time, the WhatsApp lady who directs on the pb power trade, has gone offline moments after saying the safaricom network is down here in Kenya.

  5. App just went after hours after me depositing 10k three hours back on Tuesday…… very sad but let’s wait if whatever they saying safaricom is true.

  6. Wilson: they are out to con people, I was conned 50k, after putting it on Tuesday. I hv learned a lesson.No details is required by them. Even when you make a mistake on giving your details, they don’t care

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