Legit online surveys that pay cash instantly 2023

Legit online surveys that pay cash instantly

Welcome to this website. This article highlights the best Get Paid To (GPT) survey sites that are legitimate. Normally, there are various methods for making money on these survey sites. Among them are doing the paid survey, completing offers, referrals schemes, redeeming promo codes, and others have sign up/welcome bonus. Now let’s walk through the best legit online surveys sites.

1. OfferNation

Ever heard of OfferNation? It is a legit get paid to (GPT) website that pays you for completing simple online tasks such as surveys and offers. You can join the platform and start making money today. The survey site is based in the UK and has proven to be legit, and it’s paying its members who complete various tasks on the site. It has been there for nearly a decade, and no complaints have been witnessed.

Advantages of OfferNation

OfferNation is available to every person worldwide. However, there could be some limitations on some surveys where only people of particular countries are required to participate. Upon successful registration on OfferNation, you are given a $0.25 welcome bonus. The minimum withdrawal limit is $1, which is easy to achieve.

Legit online Surveys

You can withdraw your money from OfferNation through PayPal or Skrill.  Also, note that you can refer other people to participate in these surveys and earn 25% of their income.

2. SuperPay.Me

SuperPay.Me is another legitimate online survey site that pays you for completing various online jobs such as completing offers, participating in paid surveys, watching videos, + many other things. The site has been operating since 2012 and is linked with OfferNation. Currently, it has about 900,000 members, and the site has paid more than 2 million dollars to participants. The platform has a free membership and has instant payouts.

Advantages of SuperPay.Me

Just like OfferNation, SuperPay.Me has a minimum cash out of $1. Once you attain the minimum balance of $1, you can withdraw your money through PayPal, Skrill, or Tango. The site is available to every person across the globe. Besides, it gives you a commission of 25%of your referral earnings. You can join and start earning today.

3. RewardingWays

RewardingWays is similarly a credible and legitimate site for making money through surveys. This site, together with OfferNation and SuperPay.Me are owned by the 99Ventures in based UK. On the site, you can make money through tasks such as completing offers and referring other people to join the platform. Notably, it is open to everyone worldwide and is completely free to join.

Advantages of Joining Rewarding Ways

The minimum threshold for withdrawal is $1, which is easy to attain. You can withdraw your money through PayPal or Skrill upon attaining the minimum amount required for withdrawal. Besides, upon successful registration, you are given a sign-up bonus of $0.20. Also, the withdrawals are instant and are received within 24hrs.

4. SurveyTime.io

SurveyTime.io is a legitimate site for paid surveys. The website is US-based and has been in operation since June 2018. So many people have been skeptical about the website, but we have proved it ourselves that it is paying its members. On the website, you get paid for completing surveys and for referring other people to join the platform. Notably, joining is completely free.

For every survey that you take on the website, you will earn $1 regardless of its duration. Normally, one survey takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete. To keep yourself updated whenever there is a survey available to be completed, you can subscribe to get notified via texts, e-mail, or web notification. You can turn on those notifications when answering the initial questions.

Under the referral program, you will get a one-time bonus of $1 for every person who joins and completes a survey through your referral link.

Advantages of Joining SurveyTime.io

  • Joining is completely free, and you get paid instantly via PayPal. It is open worldwide to all people and is 100% legitimate.

5. SurveyRewardz

SurveyRewardz is a legitimate survey company that pays you once you participate in doing surveys and once you refer other people to join. Joining and taking part in surveys is completely free. Normally, the surveys earn you between $0.5 to $5. The amount you get depends on the duration of the survey. The withdrawal threshold is $1, and you can withdraw through PayPal. The surveys are also open to everyone across the world.

Legit Online Surveys Conclusion

All the above-highlighted survey websites are legit. You can join the one that appears profitable to you. We will keep updating this article whenever we find helpful information concerning other sites that could be more profitable.

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