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What is CAD Crowd?

CAD Crowd (Crowd Automated Design and Computer-aided Design) is a platform that provides an automated way to generate and edit 3D models. CAD Crowd was created by the engineers at Cad Crowd, Inc. to simplify and automate design for people who lack basic knowledge or skills in computer-aided design (CAD). CAD Crowd also provides platforms such as Makerspace and Manufacturing Plant, which can be used to create products with less cost and time than traditional methods.

In short, CAD Crowd is basically a collaborative platform. To create a model, you need to create a project, and invite your friends to join. This concept is very similar to the concept of Open Source. It’s a way for you to create something together with other people. The idea for the CAD Crowd was conceived by the engineers at Cad Crowd, Inc. after they met a new graduate who wanted to learn how to create CAD. They saw his need for help but also his lack of knowledge and skills.

How do I join CadCrowd? 

How do you join CadCrowd?

You can head to their site and either become an employee or just use their services if you are an entrepreneur or designer yourself looking for work.

How to sign up for an account on CadCrowd

The first step to join CadCrowd is to create an account. To do so, visit their homepage There, you will find a “Sign Up” icon at the top-right of the page. Click on it, and you will be redirected to a page where you will have to fill in a number of mandatory fields.

The first information you have to fill in is your e-mail. Then, in the following fields, you will have to give your name, your job title, your company name, your city, and your country. After you have filled in all the mandatory fields, you will be redirected to another page where you can decide whether you want to receive news about the site, jobs, events, etc.

You will also have to tick your gender, your age, what type of job you are looking for, and what country you live in. After that, you will be redirected to another page where you will have to accept the privacy policy and you will be done.

How does CAD Crowd work?

CAD Crowd being a new app cuts down on the time needed to prepare for a project. It is a livestream of engineers and designers from around the world who work together to complete projects in a timely manner. There are four steps that go into CAD Crowd: discovering, getting a design, completing a design, and reviewing a design.

Discovering: This is the first step in the CAD Crowd process. This is when a client comes to Cad Crowd and tells the engineers what they want. The client can tell the engineers what is wrong with their designs or what they want done.

Getting a design: This is the second step in the CAD Crowd process. This is where an engineer designs the product. This requires the engineers to be able to create 3D models and use 3D printing software. Once the design is ready, it is sent to the client for review.

Completing a design: This is the third step in the CAD Crowd process. The engineers send the design to the client, and they tell them if it is what they want. The client will then pay the engineer for the design and leave a review/rating.

Notably, CAD Crowd website has an intuitive web interface that permits clients/users to provide comments and submit revisions, so all parties involved in the project are engaged.

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CadCrowd Pricing

Often times on the site, you will be able to see multiple estimates on different projects so that you can have a better idea about what people have been charging locally. However, you can agree on suitable price with the buyer/client buying a service.

CadCrowd Jobs

Cad Crowd brings qualified designers, architects, engineers, and fabricators together with project backers to create products. They’re currently in the process of constructing an assembly plant in California. In Cad Crowd, people can collaborate to create designs, products, and inventions. All of the submissions are based on 3D CAD models. If you have a good profile, you can easily get a job in Cad Crowd based on your skills.

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How to get CadCrowd projects

The world is constantly changing, and so are engineering projects. The engineering industry has come to rely heavily on CAD software, which is typically costly. One way to keep up with the trend, while also saving money on CAD software, is through using crowd sourcing. Crowd sourcing allows engineers to post their designs onto an online platform where other engineers can bid on designing the projects. This is what happens on Cad Crowd, you can be contacted for a job or someone can refer buyers to you.

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What are the benefits of CAD Crowd?

CAD Crowd creates a marketplace for engineers to find, share, and sell their work for free. Engineers can build their portfolio by uploading their 3D models of products or buildings for others to use. For those with the financial resources to buy designs, they have the opportunity to have goods manufactured using these platform at reduced cost.

This platform has many benefits such as engineers can upload their designs to the website for free. They can also share their designs with others. Also, engineers are free to build their portfolio on CAD Crowd, and they can upload their designs to the website for free to market themselves hence serving as a great tool to build a portfolio.

Is CadCrowd Legit?

Upon searching for CadCrowd, one may find it difficult to determine whether or not the website is legitimate. This has led many people to question if there are any benefits to using this company instead of traditional companies. To answer the main question, CadCrowd is a trustworthy and legitimate company.

As stated above, the company is legitimate and trustworthy. The company is insured for a million dollars and is fully compliant with the BBB. It does not require any upfront fees in order to open a business account. It allows you to open an account in a matter of minutes and you can receive your checks instantly. Besides, it also allows you to make payments to your account online, through bank transfers, or through check.

Important to Note

CAD Crowd Awards

The company won the 2015 Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America and was one of Inc. Magazine’s 2012 Company of the Year. To get your own CAD Crowd project, contact the engineers at Cad Crowd.

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