How to contact buyers on Fiverr | Best Guide 2023

How to contact buyers on Fiverr

Hello and welcome to this website! This article discusses how to contact buyers on Fiverr in details and gives you a clear insight on how to use Fiverr. Previously, we have written various articles answering the most frequently asked questions about the Fiverr platform.

As you know, Fiverr is a very diverse platform that has got millions of buyers and sellers across the world. Normally, a buyer can contact any person whom they like to complete a task. Therefore, as a seller, it is essential to know how to reach out to buyers and how to engage in conversations with buyers and sellers.

Notably, the Fiverr support team is very strict on interactions between buyers and sellers. Therefore, as we try to figure out how to contact buyers on Fiverr, we must consider the rules that govern the interactions.

First, it’s important to note that Fiverr’s Terms of Service (TOS) can easily get you kicked out any time you violate them twice or after receiving two warnings. Your account can get restricted or be disabled depending on the TOS that you violate. Notably, if your account gets restricted or disabled, there are infinitesimal chances that you will regain the account. That means you have to be extremely careful as you use Fiverr.

Now, how to contact buyers on Fiverr is top question today on google search. Let’s dive deep and see how we should go about it!

One thing you should know about Fiverr is that it does not allow any communication outside the platform. Therefore, all communications should be done via the inbox section or the order section. The reason for this is that when buyers and sellers start engaging outside Fiverr, there are many cases of fraud reported. To avoid that, Fiverr requires all communications to be done on the platform, including payments of orders.

Whenever the Fiverr support team realizes that one of you (seller or the buyer) is trying to push communication outside the platform, they immediately cut it off, and you can no longer be able to contact each other. If the buyer is the one pushing communication to outside Fiverr, he/she gets a warning. If “you the seller” is the one pushing communication to be outside Fiverr, you can get a warning, or your account can be flagged.

To avoid losing your account, then you have to ensure you do all communications on the Fiverr platform. For sellers, the platform actually protects you by ensuring you don’t lose your money or get scammed by any person pretending to be a buyer.

Virtual Communication

If you are stuck on how to contact buyers on Fiverr given that maybe your gigs require that you engage in audio-visual interactions with your buyer, then you can contact Fiverr customer support for help. The support team will assist you in establishing a channel for one-on-one audio-visual calls.

Fiverr believes that its platform is convenient and sufficient in undertaking all online businesses. However, if you feel you are not able to communicate effectively through Fiverr, you can still request other options.

Other reasons for restrictions of Outside Communication

If you have been a seller on Fiverr and you have completed some orders, then I am pretty sure that you have felt the impact of the 20% charges of the order price that Fiverr deducts you after completing an order. Also notably, buyers pay some service fee which depends on the order price as they place an order. So, these could be other reasons besides fraud that could drive communication and business outside the platform.

I know you could be wondering, is fraud the only reason? Nope, Fiverr is pretty sure that whenever sellers and buyers start having businesses outside the platform, they are likely to make payment using other channels such as PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill etc. to avoid paying the Fiverr charges, and thus the platform won’t benefit. Therefore, it makes all necessary struggles to ensure they are also benefiting.

How to contact buyers on Fiverr: Reaching/searching out new clients

As we try to answer the question “How to contact buyers on Fiverr” I know you could be looking for specific answers like how to reach out to completely new buyers especially when you have a new account or when you don’t have any running orders. Now, to be frank, and to save your time, there is only one way to reach out to new buyers, and that is through the buyers’ requests.

If you are new on Fiverr, you can find the buyer requests after clicking the More icon at the top of your Fiverr account (when logged in on a computer), but you can still find the option on the mobile application. After reviewing the available buyer requests, you can send your bid for any request that you are sure you can be able to complete. Having said that, then there is no any other method or technique that you can apply to reach out to new buyers. Buyers are the only ones who can be able to contact you first.

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Having read this article to this point, I am sure you have learned a thing or two. I hope it has answered your question. However, if you feel you have another question that needs clarification, you can comment and I will reply to you immediately.

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