How to become a Fiverr Pro Verified | 2022 Best Guide

What is Fiverr

Hello and welcome to! Here we provide the latest reviews on online money making platforms and we also guide you on how to invest your money. We provide unbiased reviews that are based on customer ratings who have used the platforms. Today we have prepared this article to take you through the process of how to become a Fiverr Pro Verified and increase your earning as a freelancer.

Fiverr is a website that allows users to offer different types of services on different categories starting at $5.00. All the categories available for Fiverr Pro are;

There are a number of ways on how to become a Fiverr Pro verified and the most common is applying to open a Pro Gig in the above categories. The other way is by providing excellent and quality service that is outstanding on the platform. Once you are verified, you can offer services starting at $5.00 and up to whatever amount that you agree with clients.

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Fiverr Pro Benefits

If you’re a regular Fiverr user, you may have noticed the “Fiverr Pro” badge on some sellers’ profiles. Fiverr Pro is an exclusive tier for top-performing sellers on the platform. In this section, we’ll explain what the Fiverr Pro benefits are and how to become a Fiverr Pro verified seller.

First, if you are looking for ways to grow your Fiverr busines or ways to make more money through Fiverr, Then you hit the right article. Considering to become a Fiverr Pro is a great idea. Fiverr Pro is a special designation that is given to sellers who have reached a high level of excellence and have demonstrated their mastery of the platform. There are several steps on how to become a Fiverr Pro.

The first step in getting certified as a Fiverr Pro is completing the application process. Once you complete it, you can expect to receive an email from Fiverr with further instructions about how to proceed.

Note, in order to complete your application You must fill out all fields on the form completely before submitting your application. This includes providing contact information for yourself, including any social media accounts where you share content or interact with other people online.

In addition, make sure to include links to at least three examples of work you’ve done previously (including samples is an essential step on how to become a Fiverr Pro verified). These should be things that are available in a public place like Google Drive or Dropbox so we know they’re real and not just made up samples. If you have questions during this process feel free to message Fiverr support directly via email. They will reply as quickly as possible.

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Here is a summary of Fiverr Pro Application Tips;

  • Provide accurate and detailed information about yourself.
  • Share links to your past works
  • Share which social platforms you are mostly active.
  • Describe your creative process.

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Other FAQs on how to become a Fiverr Pro Verified

How will buyers know I’m a Pro seller on Fiverr?

Pro sellers receive a badge and can open Pro gigs once they meet Fiverr’s standards. Pro gigs are identified with a Pro badge so that buyers know they are getting the best.

Is there a membership fee?

No, you don’t require any membership fee to become a Fiverr Pro seller.

What if I’m already a Fiverr seller?

Application for Fiverr Pro is always open to everyone whether you’re a long- time existing seller or a new seller with your first Gig. Also, being a Pro seller you are not limited, you can have both pro Gigs and regular Gigs. Besides, Fiverr does not take away your seller level, you continue to enjoy the benefits of being a top level seller.

Will I be able to convert my existing Gig to Pro?

You can convert your current Gigs to Pro Gigs, however, Gigs will require to be reviewed by the Fiverr team to check the quality of the service provided. Other things reviewed are the communication with buyers and any violations of terms of service.

If I’m a Pro seller in certain categories, can I apply for additional categories?

Yes. If you are already a Fiverr Pro verified seller, and you’re an experienced professional in additional fields with high-quality work samples & portfolio, you can submit an additional application to expand your Pro services. You’re welcome to submit your additional application here. Applications by non-Pro sellers will not be accepted.

How to become a Fiverr Pro Verified: Conclusion

We have already given the steps on how to become a Fiverr Pro Verified. To conclude, we can agree that there are many advantages to using Fiverr Pro. First, users get access to a wider range of services. This means they can find professionals to help them with more specialized tasks. Second, users can receive faster delivery of their projects. This is because Fiverr Pro guarantees that all projects will be completed within time. Third, users have access to better customer service. This includes priority support and exclusive project management. Fourth, users can receive discounts on their projects.

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