Is bawsk legit? | Honest Review 2022

What is bawsk?

This article seeks to answer the question; is Bawsk legit? Bawsk is an online niche dealing with the supply of jewelry like wrist chains, rings, bracelets, chains, etc.

In which countries is bawsk available? is located in Canada, although its also available in other countries as depicted by its traffic sources.

How does bawsk work?

It is by visiting their website or purchasing an item from them that you get engaged in their services. You also have to follow the set terms and conditions and all the policies about them. After agreeing to their terms and conditions, it represents that you belong to a majority age in your state of residence, and you have allowed your minor dependents to access this site. You should not transmit any viruses or worms or rather any program of destructive nature. Violation of the set terms and conditions will cause your services to be terminated with immediate effect. Bawsk’s prices for their products and services are subjected to change.

However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll pay any price change. The number appearing at the checkout will be the number appearing on the customer’s credit card statement. There are certain services or products available on the online platform, however, their quantities may be limited hence subjected to exchange or return following bawsk’s return policy. Queries are passed on to [email protected]. They also provide clients with an e-commerce platform that gives them access to sell their products and services.

How to create a bawsk account.

The site is reached through The email address is also available on the same website to help the buyers out. account is created by giving the recipient’s full name and an email address. Shipping is also done and it takes a minimum of 14-30 days for the products to be delivered.

Is bawsk safe?

Bawsk is not recommended due to its low trust rating which is extreme. One of the major red flags is that its domain name is completely young. It is said to have been launched and started just a few weeks ago. This paves way for the impossibilities of setting up the business in motion, promoting services, and getting consumers to purchase them. Hence this becomes unsafe to work with.

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Is Bawsk legit or a scam?

From some essential points taken from most of the customers, possesses several red flags. Customers were not pleased with their orders reason being it took a very long time to arrive. Customers had to bitterly complain about their inability to communicate with this store as their phone number is not available on the website. Furthermore, has not yet provided a return address and so with that, there could be no way the customers could get a refund. Mails are often never replied and therefore the expectations of customers are not met. Working with bawsk requires one to have a high level of patience. is simply a web-based addition store that deals with all products in a vast range to meet the choices of the customers. All the mentioned policies are necessary for the shopper to be aware of. Online payment is done through visa, venom, Gpay, Alipay, American Express, and PayPal. The site possesses SSL integration and HTTPS protection.

Furthermore, different currencies are available to play through. This includes; USD, AUD, and EUR, among many others. With all the reasons given, is not a reliable online niche. This is because customers will not receive the actual thing they had ordered but rather a cheap imitation. Shopping here is not recommendable since the customers are exposed to the risk of overcharged fees and hacked credit cards.

After exploring the ins and outs of this shopping store, a conclusion has been made that most of the users are giving negative and positive reviews about the services and the products it offers. Some have been disappointed by realizing that the website is less popular. Others say that if one can buy more than one item, they make a profit. Some clients say that they were never satisfied with what they received due to the absence of a phone number. With the less genuine reviews, the answer to is Bawsk safe is a no.

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