Is Bershka legit? | Unbiased Review 2022

Is Bershka legit?

This article evaluates Bershka with the main idea of answering the question: Is Bershka legit?

Bershka is a retailer company that deals with clothing and was created in Spain. Despite it having many positive steps, it is still considered as most good enough to be depended on. However, there is no guarantee given on whether this site is a scam. Many websites will appear legit but in a real sense, they are fake.  It is advisable that, before shopping at a site you do not know about, check its safety yourself first.

This company has a lot to do for the animals, planet, and people before being approved to be legit. And as more people are demanding responsible production and change, the brand must be proactive for it to remain relevant.

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Is Bershka Sustainable?

Like its relative brands Stradivarius and Zara, Bershka will operate similarly to fast fashion designers such as Nasty Gal, Pretty Little Thing, and Boohoo. They release new brands and designs to keep on track with the emerging trends.

This practice damages the environment for it encourages the people shopping to wear their clothes less and shop more, which will on the other hand increase the volume of the garments that are discarded which will end up in a landfill. The company’s commitment to sustainability is that they want their wear to have the highest health, environmental, and safety standards.

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Is Bershka Ethical?

Back in 2019, Bershka scored 51-60% on Fashion Transparency Index. It acquires a set of rules that give protection to the workers and to ensure that the rules are enforced, audits take place. During the pandemic, the group worked jointly with the global workers’ union IndustriALL and they gave a reiteration of their commitment to ensuring safety and health standards were met and the workers’ rights were maintained.

This group has also a commitment to terms of stable payments to enable the suppliers to pay their workers ensuring that no wages are lost as other employees do. Readers are encouraged to do their shopping here with mind and purpose.

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Is Bershka trustworthy?

As we try to answer the question; is Bershka legit, its important to determine its trustworthy. Bershka is less trusted its rarely used by customers because it has been found to have most scam cases. It also discloses information about forced labor and gender equality.

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Is Bershka safe to buy from?

Again, Bershka is not good enough to buy from.. half the number of its final production stage is done in Spain, this is a medium risk for labor abuse.

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Alternative Online Fashion Stores.


It is a beauty retailer and a global online fashion that offers branded and label products including men’s wear, women’s wear, accessories, jewelry, and footwear products. ASOS serves under the following activities in the nation; aviation operations support forecast activities and meet the needs of meteorological, climatological, hydrological, and research communities.

ASOS is well known for menswear and womenswear. ASOS is an abbreviation of ‘AsSeenOnScreen’ however nowadays it’s well known for its customer-focused mottos.

Old Navy

This is a place where shopping for every member of the family is done. They offer accessories and clothes of high quality at good and affordable prices. There are also a couple of advantages when shopping here promo cards that will slash their prices even more.

Clothes are made well and they last for a long. Old Navy is a well-known store where people shop for casual clothing for a whole family but it’s not a luxury band. It is less expensive compared to other stores.


Modcloth is among the retailers that have a shopping catalog that is solely dedicated to vintage fashion. Their retro clothes are an inspiration to people since the 1940s. It is an American online retailer of women’s clothing and indie. Its headquarters are in Los Angeles.

At the beginning of 2020, its retail giant sold the company to Go Global Retail. Now the new owners have kept their focus on Modcloth’s online sales. This led to shuttering of its handful of physical stores and the closure of its wholesale business.


Express is the most known Node Web Framework and is the key library to other node web frameworks. It provides the mechanisms to request from handlers with different HTTP verbs with different URL paths (routes). It becomes comfortable for many beginners to use Express for its unopinionated nature. This means that it is less abstracted from Node meaning that it is similar to developing a native node application.

Express is based on middleware. Incoming requests are funneled through a chain of steps where something can be done with the request, some data is read from it, it’s manipulated, the authenticity of the user is checked or a message is sent back.

In conclusion

Research tells that Bershka is a fast-fashion brand that has a product life cycle that moves fast. They manage to be the leading by ensuring their new trendy fashions are out first. This marks the end of our article; Is Bershka legit?

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