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Hello there and welcome to This review also seeks to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about That is; how works, how to make money with kkbt, how to sign-up on, how to login to kkbt, and whether is legit or scam?


Besides this review, this website, reviews other emerging and existing online jobs platforms to determine their legitimacy and credibility. Our conclusion on whether a platform is legit or a scam depends on the level of trustworthiness of the platform and user experiences.

Other than reviews, we also recommend the best platforms to invest in as well free platforms for making money, like legit online surveys that pay cash instantly.

Important to note, we have reviewed multiple online jobs such as Cashapp22.comPesalifeOne-hour translationIkopesaeasy earn technologiesChris black agencies, among others. You can read the reviews of these online jobs to see which are worth investment. Please note, do not invest in platforms that we have reviewed as scam since the risks of losing your money is very high.

By the end of this article, our team smartexplora will highlight its opinion on whether; is legit, safe or scam. Our decision is authentic and unbiased and is based on the reviews and ratings that customers leave. Now, let’s take an in-depth review of with regard to all of its elements.

What is

This is a South African platform that claims to aid its user with making money online. The website has acquired many active members who promote it on the online sites on daily basis. is based on proof capacity.

It upgrades a version of CPOC mining that is upgraded and has an economic model that is complete and a consensus algorithm. The registration is usually free you will just need to click the provided link and begin making money using your cell phone.

In which countries is available? is specifically created for the people living in South Africa only.

How does work?

According to the kkbt platform, working with kkb.t is so beneficial!  A bonus of R30 is given which can be used in trading R2 for a task, R3 for each referral and the minimum you can withdraw is R60. There are also different packages to which users can subscribe. Only that the price of the package will vary together with the daily returns. You also may notice that, the more the package is of high cost, the more the returns.

Recharging your account will also be necessary where the recharging amount will depend on the package you are subscribed to. Company recycles the currency you sell and then supplies them to the global markets, South Africa included.

The generated currency will reach your KKBT account automatically. has integrated business capabilities, and for this reason, the fund time deposit offers have higher yields compared to all South African banks.

After the FUND has expired, the interests and investments of the member are automatically transferred to the wallet balance by the platform. This company has also a referral program where you can freely invite friends to join and earn a bonus.

How to create account

You will be required to visit a website or maybe use an invitation from somebody who has already been on the platform. Click on the ‘Create account‘ button at the center-bottom of the homepage.

After these steps, you will be directed to a new page where you will fill in your details including the code you were invited with, phone number, and password. Once finished, click the button just below the form of registration to create an account.

You will also be required to make verifications that you are the owner of that phone number. You can now go ahead and log in to your KKbt account.

How does pay you?

There are two main ways of making money in kkbt. That is mining and referring. The backbone of the platform is doing tasks. It is also known as mining since you will invest a certain amount of money and then keep giving it time to earn you interest. You will get paid by Company upon selling the currency that is generated by the mining equipment.

The money will automatically reach your KKBT account. To get rand, you will just be required to click on sell. The money you earn can also be withdrawn to your bank account.

Members should make a transfer from their current balance into kkbt fund or also deposit an amount of R200 directly into the KKBT fund. The investment will be transferred to the wallet balance once the FUND expires. When you invest R10000 per week you earn R12100 per week.

Furthermore, you can also get paid when your friend uses your invitation link to sign in. You will get R3 as an invitation reward and your friends can immediately get R30.

The VIP members can have their bank accounts bound on the APP for cash withdrawal. Members are allowed to withdraw only once a day.

Is legit or a scam?

Is legit? is a scam platform with various red flags that makes it clear it should not be trusted. However, the fact that some of the members are currently getting paid doesn’t mean that kkbt is legit.

The red flags to investing with this company include; The owner is not known and there are also no legalized documents that have given proof that it’s regulated by the government.

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Note, as we seek to determine whether; Is legit?, the above video is embedded only to show you how works, do not invest in the platform.

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