Best dating sites in Kenya with phone numbers (2023)

Welcome to! This article highlights the top dating sites in Kenya with phone numbers.

Dating sites in Kenya with phone numbers

Today, dating has turned out to be an essential activity as people try to find their Miss/Mr. Right. To some people, it has become a full-time job as they try to sort out and pick the best life partner.

Now with technology, dating has become pretty easier, especially via the use of the internet and mobile applications. People are able to find singles around them through these mobile applications and online platforms, and thus they can virtually interact before meeting physically.

Surprisingly, a large number of people, including married men and women, are also constantly looking for people to date on these dating sites. In Kenya, nearly everybody owns a smartphone, and therefore, these dating sites have a very large number of users hence making it easy and simple to find someone to date on the site.

This article highlights the most liked and used dating sites in Kenya, where you can still find phone numbers for those you would like to date. Notably, some sites will require you to subscribe to get access to the phone numbers.

1. is one of the dating sites in Kenya with phone numbers. It represents a one-stop dating site where you can easily meet your soul mate or someone to hang around with. The site is very popular in Kenya and has got a very large number of users.

It is an iconic site that facilitates very easy and quick hook-ups. Within the site, you can make a lot of online friends as you scroll to find who pleases you. Notably, the site ensures your profile is of high quality and has a high success rate.

2. is one of the many dating sites in Kenya with phone numbers. I am probably sure that you are here researching so that you can know the best platform to find a soulmate or friend and where you can easily contact them. Now, is designed for that. It has a significant number of singles where you can select any of your choices and start a chart.

Compared to other sites, is relatively small but remains among the best and loved dating sites in Kenya. Notably, it also enables you to connect with users from other countries for free.

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3. is another way out of single life. It is among dating sites in Kenya with phone numbers, but it’s a little tricky to use. Before joining the site, you must be verified, and the site owners might even invite you to their offices to know more about you. One of the essential concerns of the site is to ensure the safety and security of the users.

The site only allows people from Kenya, and thus you are pretty sure you are dating Kenyan singles. To ensure people using the site are serious about dating, the site charges some monthly fee to drive away jokers. Notably, anybody that misbehaves on the site is kicked out and losses membership.

We can say that is a suitable platform for anyone who wants to keep the dating life private. It is very secure, and users cannot get exposed to the public. Therefore, if you are a high profiled person, then is the best for you.

4. is very simple to use. You just need to set up your profile by filling in your details such as location and age and then start searching for the most suitable partner. The site has no restrictions, and thus you can reach out to anybody that you want.

5. is actually a new site in Kenya that is growing at a drastic rate. Currently, it has around 20,000 members, but new members keep on joining every day. The site comprises individuals who are serious on finding their marriage partners as well as those looking for new friends. It is a potential site where you can get your soulmate. You can give it a trial.

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As the name suggests in the Swahili language, is a fast site for hook-ups. The site not only connects you with singles around you but also gives some advice and tips with regard to relationships.

The site has a very appealing user interface that facilitates an excellent online user experience. It is completely free to join, and you are only required to fill in your personal details. You can also provide the details of the kind of person that you want to speed up the process of getting your lover.

7. is also among dating sites in Kenya with phone numbers. On the website, you can easily meet single Kenyans who are constantly looking for partners. It is very easy to create an account and start chatting with people you like. The site is very secure, and all users are protected from scammers and spammers.


Again, is among the dating sites in Kenya with phone numbers. It is an amazing site that has grown drastically since its launch in 2006. It houses a large number of singles from over 190 countries. The site has around 400 million users from these countries, thus being a top world-class dating site.

To sign up on the site is very simple; you just follow a simple procedure where you upload your pictures and videos to keep in touch with new friends. The site is very user-friendly, and navigation is pretty quick.

Being a world-class site, it is really enjoyable to use. It has no ads that constantly disturb your navigation. Remarkably, its free subscription is enough to meet your dating needs. You can easily send messages, chat, and update your profile any time you want. In addition, it has a paid subscription that helps to boost your search listings.

In a nutshell, we can say that is a great platform that can probably assist in finding a soulmate from popular places across the world. If you are a Kenyan, it is very easier to meet your fellow singles on You can give it a shot.

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9. is also among dating sites in Kenya with phone numbers. On the site, you can meet a lot of Kenyan singles ready to date you. The platform is very simple to use, especially via the help of 200+ questionnaires that help you identify your best match with ease. The matching is done based on similar interests, unlike other platforms where it’s based on gender.

More important to note, has more than 4.5 million users from various places across the world. Remarkably, about 60% of the users come from the US. Therefore, if you are a Kenyan living in the US, it is an excellent platform for you to try your luck on finding other Kenyan singles in the US.

On, you can chat directly with singles even without liking or viewing their profile pictures. However, for quicker matches, you can scroll through the members’ profiles to check singles with whom you have similar interests. At the profiles, you can be able to see the age, location, and interests and decide whether you rhyme with a person or not.  

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10. is a global dating site with plenty of singles. If you are interested in finding people from ethnic groups different from your own, then this is one of the best websites. To create an account, a four-page questionnaire needs to be filled along with uploading a profile image.

The site is completely free to join. However, you cannot have full access to all its features via the free membership, but you can upgrade to gain access to every feature on the site. With a premium membership, you can participate in e-flirts, live chats, open forums, etc.

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Again, falls among dating sites in Kenya with phone numbers. It is a cool platform for finding thousands of men and women who are single and ready for hook-ups. On the platform, you can easily text or call other users by using simple purchase credits.

The website has ample security for all users, and most of the people you will find there are using their real profiles. For women who want to use the website, they must undergo a verification process. Any suspicious account is easily noticeable and is flagged immediately.  

12. is an awesome site that allows you to choose your match, unlike other sites that have automatic suggestions. The site has a relatively large number of users, and therefore, you can be lucky to find your soulmate. It is completely free to join but requires you to fill out your personal details and set up your username and password. It has some features such as block” to stop people from messaging you, and you can also browse invisibly.

13. is among the dating sites in Kenya with phone numbers. Becoming a member of the website is completely free. It has a considerably large number of Kenyan singles and is always ready to bridge you to your soulmate. It has a quick search option to speed up your searches. Also notably, the site monitors all users to ensure there are no spammers or people bullying other users.

14. is another top leading dating site in Kenya. It has a huge number of singles ready to hook up with their best match. After completing the profile setup process, you can do an advanced search to find Kenyan singles on the platform. You can contact anyone that you want and try your luck.


Why stay single with all these platforms being available and free to join? If you are serious about dating, these websites, which also come with some mobile applications, will help you get out of the boring, lonely, and sometimes depressed single life. Take your shot and give it a try! So many people have found their soul mates from these sites.  

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