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Is Boohoo legit?

Boohoo group is an online fashion group that is leading all over the world, and it is also a portfolio home of offering fashion services to consumers globally as well as branding pure-play fashions. Their focus is based on maintaining an outstanding customer proposition that is outstanding.

Most people say that Boohoo is legit and safe to use because they will never take your money from you illegally. Any item purchased from the store will be sure delivered without any problems. They have been using the online platform for quite a good time and this shows that they are working on a good thing.

 Boohoo has also negative reviews, however, it is common to have such reviews from customers but it does not mean that the company is a scam. The number of these negative comments are though not so many compared to the positive feedback the customers have given. So it tells that Boohoo is a legit platform and a trustworthy one.

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Why do some people say Boohoo is legit?

  • For quality products that are worth your money.
  • For their safety and security measures to ensure sensitive information is secured.
  • Use of SSL technology. Your personal information cannot be hacked.
  • Low prices that are affordable to their customers.
  • The promotion offers from time to time.
  • There are also student discounts which mean any student shopping at Boohoo will only be required to pay half the price.
  • Their payment options are flexible.
  • Allows for refund and return policy.
  • Their delivery is quick and fast.
  • The cost of returns is free.
  • They have charity programs. That means finding their sales number will be easy.

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Why do some people say Boohoo is a scam?

  • Boohoo has no improvements in their working conditions in their supply chain.
  • Poor working conditions and low wage payments are illegal.
  • They fail to offer redress to workers.
  • The rating of ethical consumers in the environmental information is the worst.
  • The fashion model is not designed to last for a long time.
  • Many garments are made using synthetic materials and these contribute to water pollution.
  • Lack of transparency.
  • Some say that what you order is not what is delivered.

Is Boohoo trustworthy?

The company is trustworthy and due to its publicity, it has disclosed more information about itself which is rarely done by many fashion websites. Boohoo also show its legitimacy by refunding the returned products by the customers. This is done through the same method used in paying for Boohoo shoes, dresses, and any other clothing item. Furthermore, once you have initiated the return process, the returns are free and this becomes a big advantage over the other online fashion platforms that makes you pay for even international shipping for the return.

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Is Boohoo safe to buy from?

Almost everyone could agree with this. Boohoo is safe. They have good sales and prices. The quality of the products also is very great together with shipping being pretty fast. They allow customers not to Price fully until they get satisfied with the products they receive.

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Alternative online Fashion Stores

Ally Fashion

Ally Fashion is an Australian fashion retailer that leads in giving kind styles with a lot of exciting and new choices. Many sales and offers are given here as well. They deal with clothes and fashions. Dresses, jumpsuits, and tops are even discounted to lower prices. Ally Fashion is well known for women’s wear, that is basics, shorts, skirts outwear, denim, and accessories.

Pretty Little Thing

This is a fashion retailer from the UK that is aimed at women’s fashion. The company is owned by Boohoo and operates in different countries. It provides you with the latest ladies’ clothes in your style.


This is an online fashion store that majors in fast-fashion clothing for women, teenagers, children, and men. H#M operates in 74 countries with over 5000 stores under various company brands with 126000 full-time equivalent positions.

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This is a fashion retailer that deals with a selection of trendy fashion style women’s clothing. This includes outerwear, dresses, tops, and many more. However, on this platform, you will not get a refund if a cloth will not fit. It will require you to be stuck with them.

Conclusion on Is Boohoo legit?

Boohoo is a safe store to buy new fashion for women, kids, and men. They offer good quality products at affordable prices. They also give different types of products such that clients will be satisfied with what they get. There are regular promotions given to customers and these give them significant cost savings.

A good number of payment options will also be accepted ensuring that you will have to breeze through the payment process.

However, Boohoo needs to improve on a few areas like free shipping which can make them stand out among many competitors. They can also have a choice of allowing an exchange of products for a better experience. This marks the end of our article; is boohoo legit!

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