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Bowling is a significant game in the sports world that different people from different walks of life enjoy. This game needs a player to hold a heavy bowling ball and roll the ball down a narrow track to hit wooden objects at the end of the lane. Holding a bowling ball the right way depends on how many objects a player will knock down.

When a player is holding a bowling ball in the correct position, they have a high chance of hitting all the wooden objects, giving the player a good feeling of winning. If a player is holding a bowling ball wrongly, the probability of hitting the wooden objects is very low. It’s either he hits a few or none.

Nobody wants to be a loser every time they play bowling, like in other sports. For one to be perfect in the game, practice is needed, and perfecting on holding a bowling ball is essential in bowling. Here are some of the best techniques for holding a bowling ball to be perfect and win every time you play bowling.

The best tactic of holding a bowling ball for all beginners is conventional grip.

Holding a bowling ball – Semi-Finguretip grip Conventional grip

 Beginners and intermediate bowlers will find this tactic very useful.

The first step of holding a blowing ball is to understand the ball itself; a bowling ball has three holes, two holes are side by side, and another one just below them which is the largest of them all. To hold the bowling ball properly, you need to put your middle finger and your ring finger in side-by-side holes and your thumb on the giant hole. This grip gives one control, and one can easily hunt for a bowling ball until you get one that feels best for your hands.

Secondly, a player needs to ensure that their fingers in each hole are well inserted deeply as the holes can permit. At this stage, one can be able to search for a ball that fits their fingers. Too tight holes or too loose holes may not work in a player’s favor. For a bowler to get a good fit, they need to fit their thumb all the way into the thumb hole, lay the middle finger and the ring finger over the finger holes, and if their second knuckle from the top is over the middle of the hole the that is a good fit.

Thirdly, use both hands to hold the ball; we don’t want you to strain your body, so rest the ball on the dominant hand, but cradle the ball with your free hand as you support it from undeath and approach the lane.

Lastly, test how far your hand can stretch; if your fingers are comfortably positioned in the holes, you can comfortably stretch your hands.

Holding a bowling ball – Semi-Finguretip grip Finger Grip

This is a more advanced tactic of holding a bowling ball for more experienced bowlers.

In this case, the player needs to insert the thumb fully, but the middle finger and the ring finger are only inserted into the first knuckle. The bowler needs to loosen their grip to improve on their aim and allow the ball to smoothly exit their hands, and make sure you release the ball with a push-away motion. Put your hands and the left foot forward at the same time, bring the ball to the chest level, make a backward swing, and you do a forward swing release the thumb from the thumb hole, you will notice as you release the ball rotates at it causes a hook as it approaches the wooden objects.

Holding a bowling ball – Semi-Finguretip grip

This is a hybrid method of holding a blowing ball; here, a player needs to insert his thumb fully and middle and ring finger to be the midpoint between the first and second knuckle. This tactic gives more controlling and hooking power than the fingertip grip.

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