Most hilarious road trip jokes (2023)

Introduction to Road Trip Jokes

This article gives a collection of the most hilarious road trip jokes that are fun to tell during a road trip. Relax and read them through!

One of the traditional classic ways to have fun is road trips, either with the entire family or a group of friends. Before the due date for travel, many people will put together their road trip supplies, snacks, comfortable clothing, water for hydration but even more important is a collection of road trip jokes.

Entertainment on the road trip

The idea of being cramped up in the car for long hours may not be the most appealing for some people, so the idea is to introduce fun things to do on the way to make the trip just as memorable as the final destination. Road trip jokes, road trip games, taking videos and pictures to document the journey, playing audiobooks and selecting a music playlist are some of the fun things you could do.

Regardless of how far the destination might be, road trip jokes never disappoint, especially when travelling with the entire family. Unlike other forms of road trip entertainment ideas, road trip jokes can be modelled in such a way as to fit people of all ages.

The road trip jokes will create such a laughter-filled environment to especially help children to cope with the discomfort that may come with long distant travel.

In addition, the entire road trip party could also benefit from making stops along the way to freshen up and release built-up energy.

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Variety of road trip jokes

The beauty of road trip jokes is that they can be derived from a wide variety of genres. For instance, you can make up one-liner jokes from the general topology of the area you are currently driving through, such as hill areas, and they can be from animals and their behaviours.

You will hardly run out of road trip jokes to keep the car occupants roaring with laughter at every winding road.

The road trip jokes can be in the form of question and answer or simply one-liner jokes. Here are some of the hilarious road trip jokes you can share with your travel mates.

Q. What makes mountain areas the most fun places to travel?
A. They are Hill-areas!

Q. What kind of tea does a traveller riding a camel take?
A. Camel-mile tea!

Q. How is the elephant always ready to travel?
A. He always has his trunk.

Q. A time traveller while at a restaurant loved it so much.
A. Decided to go back four seconds!

Q. Which country has lots of germs?
A. Germany!

Q. Why are ants hardy and hardly get sick?
A. They have ant-bodies!

Q. What did the hockey player tell the flight attendant?
A. Put me in coach!

Q. What enticed the witch to book into a hotel?
A. She was told they have awesome broom service!

Q. Which is the best hamsters vacation destination?
A. Hamster-dam!

Q. Which vacation destination do sheep enjoy most?
A. Baaaa-Hamas!

Q. Where do cows go for their vacation?
A. Moo-York!

Q. What do frogs drink while on their vacation?
A. Croak-a-cola!

Q. How do rabbits like to travel for their vacations?
A. By hare-plane!

Q. Which is a shark’s favourite vacation destination?
A. Finland!

Q. How do cows wind down their evenings while on vacation?
A. They watch mooooo-vies!

Q. Which airline do vampires prefer?
A. Scare Canada!

Q. Which vehicle makes the best car for road trips?
A. Honda sea-RV

Q. Why are winters in America so cold?
I think Al-ask-a local.

Q. What do the Atlantic ocean and the Indian ocean talk about when they meet?
A. Nothing, they just wave at each other!

Q. When does a car stop being a car?
A. When it turns into a driveway!

Q. Why did Tesla make their cars self-driven?
A. So that they can take themselves back to the sales office when you fail to pay up!

Q. The frog couldn’t find where he parked his car.
It was toad!

Q. When do fish go on vacation?
A. They don’t; they are always in school!

Q. Where do bees travel to for their vacation?
A. Sting- a- pore!

Q. Where do bees use a restroom on their road trips?
A. The Bee- Pee station!

Q. What route does satan take for his road trip?
A. Route 666

Q. What did daddy lettuce tell his family before getting on a road trip?
A. “Lettuce travel.”

Q. How do you get time to fly?
A. By wearing a watch on a plane!

Q. What kinds of oceans have no water in them?
A. Oceans on a map.

Q. What kind of car does master Yoda use on road trips?
A. A Toyoda!

Q. Why don’t aliens like travelling to Earth?
A. It has been given a terrible rating. One star!
I wrecked my car last year. I figured out if Mercedes bend.
I will not be taking road trips anymore
He is just a bark seat driver!
They said there’s nothing like a nice nap on the road trip
But also said I have to keep my eyes on the road too!
I sued the airline for losing my luggage. Unfortunately, I lost the case!
I am not familiar with many parts of France, but I at least know one. That’s nice.
I would like to travel to Finland but am afraid to disappear in the Fin-Air!

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Road trip jokes in a prose

Other hilarious road trip jokes can be told in the form of a well-phrased story. Here is one such joke.
An elderly couple on a road trip needed to stop to use the restroom. The man quickly parked the car as his wife dashed into a convenience store shortly after a policeman approached the man and wrote him a ticket for parking in a no-parking zone. “The sign says FINE FOR PARKING,” the man protested.

Two blondes planned a road trip to Disney Land, a two-hour drive from their hometown. When they were just a couple of miles away, they saw a road sign. “Disney left.” They were devastated and turned back home crying!

A church choir goes on a three-hour road trip to perform their songs. They sang joyfully as their driver drove through the winding roads. The driver, an atheist, drove very fast to get to their destination and be rid of all the singing and praying.

Soon they got into an accident that led to the death of their pastor and the bus driver. The driver arrived at the pearly gates first. St. Peter handed him a silk robe and a staff and welcomed him. The pastor approached as well and was given a silk robe similar to the bus driver as well as a staff.

Confused, he asked St. Peter how it is that they got similar rewards even though the bus driver had been an atheist. St. Peter explained that the way the bus driver drove made the passengers pray while the pastor’s preaching only made people sleep.

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Conclusion on road trip jokes

Whether you choose brain teasers, one-liners or prose for road trip jokes, you are guaranteed to have a grand time on your road trip.

You will have great bonding moments while annoying each other! For more jokes follow lifestyle and jokes.

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