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Introduction to dating me is like memes

There is only one character I am looking for in a partner when I am dating; if you have some sense of humor, you are close to being a perfect match for me. I believe life is never that serious, especially in dating and that is why we have a unique article here on “dating me is like” memes. I do love online dating because before the physical appearance of an individual, you get to know the individual’s character, I discourage myself from physical dating because I wouldn’t say I like to disappoint myself on the first date. However, I have some thoughts about my partner that adds to “dating me is like” memes.

I am currently dating a very moody man, and sometimes I look at him, and the only thing I think of is all the freaky things we could be doing if he just let the shitty attitude go and stop being the woman in this relationship.

I don’t care anymore about what my boyfriend thinks when I act crazy. Come on; he chooses this life anyway.

I don’t allow my partner to scroll his phone and keep smiling when I am just sitting there, come on, am his happiness sitting right there.

The only thought in my mind when my partner is talking to another girl is that you better not laugh out loud or even dare give your cute smile because we will be both dead at the end of that chat you are having.

Before dating me maybe, it is good for you to know that I am very moody and a psychopath who needs attention 24/7; plus, I like to be left alone; if you can handle that, you are my perfect match.

I am sure I am the best person you will ever have as a girlfriend or wife; in fact, I am jealous of my future husband. I don’t think he deserves me. I want a divorce.

I know I am very annoying, but if you love me, be prepared to spend every minute of your life with a very irritating person.

If you text me, “you are beautiful,” I will block you; that is obvious. I am looking for somebody unique.

Am homeless, so don’t ask me to text you once I get home.

I am over my Ex-boyfriend; I just found out that he liked me and am not into somebody who has such poor judgment.

I like dating guys who can take charge; I mean, that can easily overthrow the government and take me hostage, in their own house.

I would only compare dating me to biting into an oatmeal raisin cookie, and two hours later, you realize that it is chocolate chips, and it was the best thing you have ever had.  

There is one thing that I don’t appreciate being told that I am cute; come on, I am single, date me demit.

If you plan to date me, I think it will be best for you to know my personality; first, it is a simple combination of continuously disliking myself, but I also always think I am better than everyone else.

The only reason why I date is to wake up to an I love you text and not a buttery full icon removed from the charger.

Sometimes I love my girlfriend so much I want to treat her to a nice dinner date, bring her flowers and chocolate, kiss her and hold her close but there are times I feel like I should throw her in oncoming traffic.

I am at that stage in my life where if I go on our first date, the only thing I ask my date is, “are we doing this or not because I got shit to do.”

I didn’t leave my Ex-boyfriend because of making many mistakes; I left him because he made the same mistakes too many times.

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Reasons why dating me is like memes

I am not that beautiful, so nobody will steal me from you.

I hate humor. I rarely laugh, so don’t try to be funny.

I can sometimes cook because I live near a pizza restaurant.

I love staying naked in the house eating pizza.

You don’t have to laugh at my jokes; actually, I do laugh at my own jokes.

I do make killer chocolate.

I will always give you surprise kisses.

I am always ready to make out.

I always make inappropriate jokes.

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Promises I make to my partner that make you feel like dating me is like memes

I will always cuddle you always.

I promise I will always share my food with you.

I promise we will always watch movies and read books without talking.

I promise I will always look at my phone and concentrate on my drink when we go out for dinner.

I promise we will only play fight games.

I promise I won’t cheat on you because I am too ugly to do so.

I promise to spend a lot of time with you that is certain I don’t have any friends, so all my time is yours.

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Dating me is like memes advantages of dating me

You standing next to me will definitely make you look gorgeous.

I have a very small body, so you will always win in all our fight games.

I am an excellent cook, but I also order pizza very well.

We can hold hands but not in public.

I always find everyone annoying, including you, so do not worry, I won’t like someone else.

I will go on and think I have made my point.

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Dating me is like memes, cons of dating me

I can’t think of any.

Dating me is like memes; I have a list of the perfect boyfriend I want to date

He must be taller than me.

He must have some sense of humor in everything he says.

He must be a little bit shy.

Be handsome with a cute smile.

He must tell me I am beautiful even if I am not.

Conclusion on dating me is like memes

Dating has always been quite an adventure for me. Honestly, I am the best human being you will ever date. Read through this article on dating me is like memes and find out if I am your perfect match. You may also like our articles on; Prison Jokes, Trading Jokes, Stock Market Jokes, Restaurant Jokes, January Jokes, Hiking Jokes, Dating me is like jokes, Dancing Jokes, Why was basketball invented. This article is constantly updated for more first date memes.

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