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Introduction to “why was basketball invented

Basketball was invented in 1891 by James Naismith. If you have ever wondered ‘why was basketball invented‘, then this gentleman, the original inventor, has the very initial answer: burn some calories on his bored students. The young man was very athletic, so he was tasked with creating a way to burn stored energy in students at the International YMCA Training School (currently known as Springfield College) during winter. Other sporting activities that the students could have engaged in could only be done outdoors, which was not an option at the time. Initially, the game had only 13 rules, with a basket in place of a hoop.

The following are other reasons why basketball was invented:

Creating a fun space for interaction and competition

Over time the game has evolved with the basket being replaced by a hoop so that there is no need to keep emptying the bucket is full. You might still be asking why was basketball invented since the game changed so much over time. In the early years after its invention, many other schools started playing the game. They realized it fitted their winter sporting needs and also made for a fun way for students to interact and compete within a safe space. Before long, the game was recognized as league worthy, and the Intentional Basketball League was formed.

A forum for advertising for sponsors

The International Basketball league lasted for only five years then collapsed. Many years later, it was revived. Why was basketball invented in this revival of the league? It gave a new purpose to the game. Various companies discovered that the game was reaching a large number of people and therefore presented a platform for them to advertise their products. These included Firestone, General Electrical and Goodyear corporations. With these corporations behind the game, it grew rapidly. Basketball has become a worldwide sport, an avenue for its sponsors to advertise and to earn from in the form of game tickets as well as onscreen advertisements by other corporations.

Healing and Uniting People

Why was basketball invented in the earlier years? To unite and heal a community that was once divided along the lines of race. Through the years, many people have come together to enjoy the indoor game despite their colour, religion, political affiliations and country of origin. When communities have especially gone through traumatic experiences affecting them, such as the loss of key members of the community, basketball has played a major role in bringing them together to deal with the loss. In colleges, basketball players tend to bond in the common language of basketball.

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Dealing with underlying emotional issues

Why was basketball invented even though it would take years to develop and gain popularity? It was discovered that through the game, teachers and their students found a way to interact. As the students would be playing, the coach is able to identify any aggressive behavior, anger issues and other underlying issues that would hardly be identified in a class setting. These issues would then be addressed in the basketball court, where a coach encourages the players to channel their issues into the game for a positive outcome.

Today this discovery has been used by people from all walks of life to blow off steam on the basketball court. It has become some form of therapy to deal with frustrations at work, dealing with childhood traumas which make for an emotionally healthier society.

Team and national spirit

Basketball players, like every group of people working in a team, have to work together to win at tournaments. The team spirit translates to community and national spirit as people unite in support of their national teams. In most cases, a national basketball team is comprised of players from different parts of the nation. Having a player come from such one community creates such a huge sense of pride. When wondering why was basketball invented, you will understand why when you come across basketball fans who won’t stop talking about a famous player who comes from their community or nation.

Creation of employment opportunities and economic development

When one asks why was basketball invented, they should be directed towards the numerous employment opportunities that the game creates.  Besides the team coaches and their assistants’ other jobs such as sports commentators, scouts, referees, announcers, statisticians, social media managers, athletic trainers, team administrators and managers, sports radio analysts, to mention but a few are created by the game. Infrastructure also grew since there is a need for modern basketball courts, stands for their fans and booths for the commentators. Sports tourism also has led to the growth of infrastructures such as hotels, inns and the sale of basketball merchandise in cities and towns.

Why was basketball invented on a global scale?

At the global level, basketball has been at the forefront of tackling challenges such as AIDS and, most recently, the Covid-19 pandemic. Through sports people are sensitized to the challenges at the time as well as the way forward. Basketball has served as a way to cope with such challenges. Famous basketball players have used the game in the past to reach even the most remote places to train them on how to play basketball.

Other campaigns undertaken include a campaign against violence involving guns, inclusive of people with diverse belief systems and all genders. In addition, people with physical challenges such as those on crutches and wheelchairs can now take part in basketball and compete favorably. This fact then goes to fully fulfil the question of why was basketball invented.

Conclusion on why was basketball invented

In answer to the question of why was basketball invented, one can explore the entire scope of the game of basketball from the past to the present day. The course of the basketball game from one local college to reach the entire world while amassing great popularity and worldwide recognition as a mainstream sporting activity only goes to show how much this sport has transformed the lives of players, fans and the world over time. The impact is simply massive on social, economic and financial levels.


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