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Funniest January Jokes Introduction

This article explores more on January jokes, January puns, funny knock-knock January jokes, and hilarious New Year resolutions made in January to take us through a year. 

After the festive season has drained all that we have saved, then we have to strategize on how to keep going as a new year unfolds. One sure thing, we all have a reason to welcome the New Year in smiles.

January seems to have extra days than any other month on the calendar, and it is only in this month that geography doesn’t apply; both days and nights are long. We can shorten the month by reading these funny January jokes and sharing them with our friends and families, and we laugh to January 31st.

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January Jokes One-Liner

Here are the best one-liner January jokes that take a good punchline.

Q. What do you say on January 1st?

A. Oh, 2021 seems like yesterday.

Q. What is the best thing about January?

A. There are no charismas carollers.

Q. Where is dry January very much successful?

A. Australia.

Q. Where is that place that January comes after February and December comes before November?

A. In the dictionary. 

Q. Do you know you shouldn’t kiss on January 1st?

A. Because it’s the first date.

Q. What did the wife say to her husband on January 1st?

A. I haven’t seen you since last year.

Q. What did farmers harvest on January 1st?

A. New Year’s hay.

Q. What do you call January 2022?

A. A twenty – two pilots.

Q. What is your favorite thing to say on January 1st?

A. I remember last year like it was yesterday.

Q. Why did your friend stay sober the entire month of January?

A. Because he needed to sober up for his new year resolutions.

Q. Why won’t you quit all your bad habits this January?

A. Nobody loves quitters.

Q. What would you prefer to have for breakfast on a freezing January morning?

A. Snowflakes.

Q. Why did he put the 2022 calendar in the freezer over New Year’s Eve?

A. He wanted to start the year in a cool way.

Q. How many seconds are there in a year?

A. Twelve: January 2nd, February 2nd, March 2nd, April 2nd, May 2nd, June 2nd, July 2nd, August 2nd, September 2nd, October 2nd, November 2nd, and December 2nd.

Q. What was your friends’ chimney resolution this year?

A. To stop smoking.

Q. Why does the company employ new employees every year on January 1st?

A. Because it is always a New Year New faces for the company.

Q. What was caterpillars’ resolution on January 1st?

A. To turn over a new leaf.

Q. Who eagerly waits for the New Year’s count down?

A. All calendar companies.

Q. What will 2021 say to the year 2022 as it ushers it in?

A. Are you vaccinated? If not, they better forget you.

Q. If January threw a parade, would February march

A. On but April may.

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January puns

More hilarious January jokes are well set up in the form of puns; read these January puns and enjoy.

The other day I asked my new friend, “when is your birthday?” she said, “January 22nd.” “Of what year” Every year, she answered.

My hubby and I like labeling our clothes in the closet to avoid confusion, so he labeled all his underwear Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…. and so on; I went ahead and labeled my panties January, February, March, April… 

I love January 25th because the thought that we only have eleven months to Christmas exits me.

The other day I walked around my neighborhood, and I kept asking myself, am I a step hind here? According to my calendar, it was on January 2nd, and all my neighbors had their Christmas lights on already.

It is on January 2nd, and I can hear Christmas carolers.

My husband promised me he would give up drinking alcohol for the month of January.

It’s 2.00 am on January 1st, still in my office finishing up some assignments, am exhausted haven’t slept since last year.

I got a wedding invitation on January 20th, and I said to my colleague, “I put 20th on the calendar,” he said it is already there.

I can’t wait for January 1st, 2022; it will be the first time we will be in 2022.  

I am always told to set off the new year on the right foot; unfortunately, I have two left feet now am sure I will never get this right.

January is a long month that I even can’t trace my ATM leave alone that I can’t remember its pin.

I am always not excited about my January payday cause I am sure the cash will cover up all the mess I did over the festive season. I will only start recovering in February.

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Funny New year’s resolutions

Here are some funny January jokes based on resolutions made for the new year.

Q. What was your lazy friend’s new year’s resolution?

A. To keep on procrastinating.

Q. What do you understand by new year’s resolutions?

A. It is a simple to-do list for the first week of the year.

Q. What is on your new year’s resolutions list?

A. Nothing new I just copied last year’s resolutions.

Q. Do you know the most straightforward resolution to accomplish this year?

A. Last year’s resolution that was not accomplished.

Q. What should I do to perfect my new year’s resolutions?

A. Always make a copy of the resolution list and pull it up again every year.

Q. What is the easiest new years resolution you made this year?

A. Just to be yourself.

Q. What is that one resolution in your list every January, and it doesn’t seem to be done?

A. Resolution number one to overthrow the government.

Q. What is your dogs’ new year’s resolution?

A. Woof, and this year he is serious about it than last year.

One of my primary resolutions this year was to read more; I have actually accomplished it. I only read tv adverts. 

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Knock-knock, January jokes

I know most of you grew up enjoying the knock-knock jokes, but you haven’t heard of the knock-knock January jokes; read them through and tell them to your friends.

Knock, knock

Who is there?


Jan who?

January. Your favorite month; it is only that we are many January 2021, January 2022, January 2023.

Knock, knock

Who is there?


Elizabeth who?

Elizabeth January, what about you?

Knock, knock

Who is there?

Snow white.

Snow white, good joke for January.

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 January jokes take away

There are so many hilarious January jokes to tell; January being the first month of the year and having the first day of the year, a lot of jokes are derived from this month’s happenings. The article explores more and gives you the best January jokes involving individuals’ high expectations and resolutions for the new year. 

Read through this article and enjoy the best January jokes and January puns there are. Tell them to your friends, especially those who heat the month of January, and see how they enjoy the longest month while they walk through it with smiles. January jokes spice the month, and it isn’t that cold, dull, and boring month anymore.

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