50+ Hilarious Super Bowl Jokes, puns and riddles

Introduction to Super bowl jokes, puns and riddles

The super bowl game, that is coupled with numerous super bowl jokes, is the biggest sporting event of the year for National Football League fans since 1966 and takes place every first Sunday of February. The winning team takes the Vince Lombardi trophy. The super bowl is the event with the most extensive viewership on American television. It can only compete with the Christmas season for how many people gather and how much food and fun activities are done. Super bowl jokes have also been added to the list of things to make the sporting event even more memorable.

While super bowl commercials have been highly ranked and cost lots of millions to put up, nothing beats the super bowl jokes, puns, and riddles in adding to the fun event. Superbowl fans are very competitive and use super bowl jokes to tease each other, especially when their teams win. The Pittsburgh Steelers have had the most successes at the Superbowl, followed closely by New England Patriots. Many other football teams have had their wins over the years.

Super bowl fans use these statistics to create super bowl jokes such that they have fun at the expense of their counterparts without the hard feelings that come with a loss. Many other aspects of the event are also used to make up super bowl jokes, significantly to ease tension before the event. 

The super bowl jokes created are, however not limited to the vast Sunday event; they are likely to run the whole year long. Superbowl parties are a great place to tell the super bowl jokes as they are suitable for entire family fans regardless of gender or age. The super bowl jokes are in the form of one-liners or well-organized prose.

Here are some one-liner super bowl jokes:

Q. Corona needed not to spend millions of dollars on advertising at the Superbowl.


A. It went viral

Q. Which players at the Superbowl jump higher than the goal posts?

A. All of them since field goalposts don’t jump at all.

Q. What kind of food is served to the Superbowl players?

A. Fast food since they are so fast

Q. Why can’t Tom Brady listen to any music?

A. He broke all the records!

Q. Why was tiny ghost asked to join the team?

A. They needed a team spirit

Q. Where do hungry football fans eat?

A. From the Superbowl

Q. A football player asked his coach to flood the field.


A. To go in as a sub

Q. What is the similarity between football players and possums?

A. They play dead at home only to get killed on the road.

Q. What made the NFL coach hit the broken vending machine?

A. He wanted his quarter-back!

Q. What makes Superbowl stadiums so cool?

A. They are full of fans.

Q. How did the Eagles win the Superbowl?

A. They are talonted

Q. Why was the football stadium so hot after the game?

A. All the fans left

Q. Who is always happy on Superbowl night?

A. The cheerleaders!

Q. Where do athletes get their game jerseys?

A. New Jersey

Q. Why don’t skeletons go to the Superbowl?

A. They have no-body!

Q. When is a Superbowl player equivalent to a judge?

A. When sitting at the bench.

Q. In what way is the mailman and the losing Superbowl team similar?

A. Both do not deliver on Sunday night.

Q. Why don’t women play at the NFL?

A. What kind of woman goes out dressed like 10 others?

Q. How has the declining economy affected the Superbowl?

A. They no longer do a coin toss, now they do rock-paper scissors.

Q. What dessert is served on Superbowl night?

A. A Sunday

Q. What is the difference between Minnesota Vikings’ player and a dollar bill?

A. You can get four quarters out of the dollar bill!

Q. Which NFL player is easiest to hit with the football?

A. the wide receiver.

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Super bowl jokes in Prose

A Superbowl fan thought he was lucky to get a ticket to the game only to find that his seat was at the very back and didn’t offer him a good view of the field. He saw a vacant seat at a very strategic place with an older man sitting next. He walked up to him and asked if the seat was taken. The older man replied, ‘this is my wife’s seat, we bought the tickets and have been looking forward to this game all year long, but she passed on recently’. A little saddened, the young man asked if the older man if he did not have anyone else in mind who would have accompanied him to the game. No; they are at the funeral, so they couldn’t come, replied the older man.

Superbowl Puns

In addition to Super bowl jokes, Superbowl puns are a fun way to be part of the famous game especially for people who are not particularly into the game since the hype around it can sometimes sound overrated. Most Superbowl puns mostly come in the form of one-liners.

Here are a few Superbowl Puns

The Superbowl player tried to give up football; he just could not kick the habit.

Football fans in the stands can chill the game!

Q. What kind of dog does not like football?

A. A boxer

I came for the football but only stayed for the guacamole

My favorite kind of super bowl is the guacamole

The football keeps interrupting the Superbowl ads!

I don’t know about you, but I am balling

This nacho usual football party

If your team loses, don’t catch feelings; catch football

The Superbowl fans are always cool before the score

We are having a field day with Superbowl puns here!

Do you prefer the soup or the bowl?

The football party is about to kick off!

Don’t drop the ball; show up for the game!

My friends and I like big punts, and we cannot lie.

He didn’t know who had the ball – then it hit him!

My team needs to ketchup it is far behind!

The penalty is nacho fault.

I might come off a little cheesy, but my team is the grate.

My best friend and I are having a ball this weekend.

We have a game plan: get some guacamole, nachos and catch the game.

The team is tackling everything on this to-do list.

Superbowl puns fans are always wide open for more!

My super bowl is full of guacamole.

Get ready to be bowled over!

All Superbowl punts are fully intended!

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Super bowl Jokes and Riddles

Superbowl nights are anticipated all year-round; therefore, you have ample time to come up with Super bowl jokes and riddles. A well-phrased Superbowl riddle carries an aspect of football while at the same time bringing out a hilarious side to the game. Here are some Super bowl jokes and riddles you can share with your friends:

Q. What kind of insects would fail miserably at football?

A. Fumblebees

Q. What do Superbowl referees send in the holiday season?

A. Yellow cards

Q. What kind of tea do Superbowl players take?

A. Penal-tea

Q. What goes around the football field but never moves?

A. The fence

Q. What makes referees the happiest workers?

A. They whistle while they work!

Q. Donkeys, of all animals, make the best football players.


A. Their kicks are always on target!

A pilot and a football player have one similarity, both strive to make great touchdowns!

Q. The quarter-back could neither make a phone call not score a touchdown.


He couldn’t locate the receiver.

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Q. Why was the Superbowl field so wet?

A. The football players were dribbling all over it.

Q. What position fits a ghost in the football game?

A. Ghoulie

Q. Which soccer player takes the goal home after every game?

A. the goal-keeper

Q. Why did a football decide to retire from playing?

A. He said he had kicked around too long.

Q. Why do football players perform well in school?

A. They use their heads

Q. How do a losing football team and an empty crockery cabinet compare?

A. Both have no cups!

My uncle made a $100 bet with my dad that he would accurately predict the scores of the game before the Sunday Superbowl game was played. My dad agreed but lost the bet to my uncle.


A. The score is always at nil-nil before any game starts!

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Patriots Super bowl jokes

The New England Patriots have been part of the NFL and have won the Super bowl titles for several years and most recently in 2019. As a result, it attracts a lot of attention for Super bowl puns.

The New England Patriots are running late for their Super bowl game tonight. Their bus had several deflated tires!

Q. How are Patriot fans different from babies?

A. Babies eventually stop whining!

Q. How is the New England team different from mosquitoes?

A. Mosquitoes only show up in summer!

In conclusion, these Superbowl puns, Super bowl jokes, and riddles will keep you going through the football season that culminates with the Sunday Super bowl night.

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